Monday, August 30, 2010


I've honestly been so lazy to blog. Does it make sense that I blog more during school when I have less time to do other things? I blame procrastination. Also I worked 6 days last week. So I got a new sales lead and don't worry I'm still broke. Summer's almost done but this summer has been the liveliest I've ever had. Thanks to the people who made it that way, y'all know who you are. :)


Consider yourself lucky when you have a guy who’s willing to watch those cheesy chick flicks with you. Who would tell you that you look pretty even when your hair was a mess. Who would gladly share his hoodie just so you won’t feel cold under the brush of rain. Who would miss you for every second that you weren’t together. Who would call you the weirdest endearments with the sweetest smile on his lips. Who calls you his “wife” even when you’re not around. Who would endlessly tease you about your imperfections and yet gladly succumb to telling you how much you still look so beautiful with them.

Consider yourself lucky when you have a guy who would run after you everytime you walk away. Who would ditch class just to listen to you rant about a bad day gone worse. Who remembers the favorite movie that you mentioned four years back. Who thinks you look cute with his shirt on. Who casually rubs your back and hugs you when you’re scared. Who smiles when you cry over a sad song. Who would let you watch your favorite tv series that he religiously hates. Who doesn’t think you sound stupid whenever you wish on a fallen eyelash. Who thinks the hottest thing about you is your ability to outdo him in eating. Who competes with you in silly contests such as pick-up lines and pizza eating. Who would count stars with you.

Consider yourself lucky when you’re the most impatient, impulsive, violent and dysfunctional girlfriend to grace the universe yet he still wants to be with you.

And you know what? I consider myself one very, VERY lucky girl.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I won Charmaine's giveaway and just received the package today.

She also wrote a note on a Hello Kitty stationery, so I love her even more. Thanks Charmaine! :)

I got back yesterday btw from my vacation with my family. I am still exhausted and very lazy to upload pictures. I will though eventually... It's family day tomorrow at Wonderland for my mom's work. I'm glad Mike's coming. :) Imma make him ride all of the rides with me yayyyy :D

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update: Hair, Vacation Week, and New phone!

I decided to try colouring my hair more with the same colour I last used (L'Oreal Excellence Creme in Light Brown). I still don't 100% like it because it looks like the colour is mostly on top. Blahh oh well here is a before and after picture:

You see the difference? It isn't very apparent but the colour is definitely more distributed now. Before it looked more like I had highlights. But you can see that the bottom still looks like it hasn't coloured at all, though it has and it's only noticeable if I put it against light.

 Here are some closeups:
With flash
No flash

I might also not blog a lot (like I really have been anyway, sorry guys!) next week because I'm leaving for the US on Friday.

And guess who got the Blackberry Bold 9700? Mirabelle pretty much talked me into getting a BB than an iPhone. I love it! It is definitely a LOT better than my old LG dare. Geez that thing would only last a minute in a phone call, or create 5 text messages.

I hope you're enjoying your summer. And it's almost over so make sure that you spend every second of it well. <3
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