Saturday, January 30, 2010

not so boring friday... finally!

  • My one year with Mike
  • Baked Biscottis!
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Tray
  • Baby Po
  • Fake Flower
  • Pho with the girlies, Mike, Graham, and Kuya Jim
  • BR?... nah too long of a line up
  • Major chillage and laughs ♥

I wish everyday was like this =]

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wtf was that

I just wrote 2 pages to an essay question worth 10% of my mark that I absolutely have no clue what is asking... which is due on Thursday.

sort of procrastinating? Ah.. I'm getting better though seeee!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yellow Submarine

Tea Sub. Little yellow submarine for tea infusion, designed by Ototo.



Slow down

Freaking T.a. guest speaker is talking wayyyy too fast. It's only 9AM and this is neuropsychology HELLO?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hi asthma...

Damn you for being back!
For those who have talked to me lately, all I would be telling you is how sick I am.
I thought it was just some flu going around but then again I started to think that it might be my asthma coming back because it feels like asthma.
And my mom knows how to check if I have it or not by listening to my breathing and yeppp I have it. FML.
I think it's because when I rearranged my room, all the dust that is accumulated under my bed was not good for me. Then it might also be mixed with my dad smoking again. Isn't it wonderful?

Monday, January 18, 2010


I bought a $25 Benefit Lipstick in Ms. Behavin. BUT my reason is that it was used for Twilight the movie and it feels sooooooo nice on your lips. Not the best staying power but ahhhhhhhhh... I rest my case here :P

ALSO Lush was having this other promotion with 9 for $25. The 9 products are basically only certain things obviously. And me being me, I tried the shampoo bar I got and I got the Honey soap as well and tried it. Yes I took a shower at 2 in the morning. I'm not in the greatest mood right now anyway and when I'm sick i usually feel better after a nice, hot shower.


I got the news about GD having a probability of going to jail for his concert. I saw the footage and come onnnnnnn! It was not even a minute!! I'm pretty sure that there was nothing there. Besides Aimee (the girl) has a boyfriend already anyway geez. They're obviously blowing this out of proportion but then again it's making him more popular. That's showbiz for ya huh..


Next target: Chocolate Biscottis

PS. I bought this recipe book for cookies and cakes. And Sears had this national baby shower thing which simply just means that each store is hosting a baby shower. It was a failure because of the late notification to our department, anyway it was still fun for sure. Anyways back to my point. There was this fondant cake with these green baby booties on it and we all thought it was fake so we didn't eat it. Then we found out it was real so we ate it and I'm in loveee with it! I still have one of the green shoes but I don't have the heart to it because it's too darn cute! ♥

Sunday, January 17, 2010


once they're invented, they can't be uninvented...

pretty scary dont you think?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm a lushie! ♥

Lush has been having this buy 1 get 2 free for soaps and buy 1 get 1 on gift sets for a while and clearly I took advantage of it. Here are some of the Lush stuff I have not used yet. These are all tried and recommended. :) Can you guess which scent is my favourite? :P

I have the best boyfriend!

Since I was so sick today, he brought me my favourite congee and some honey and lemon so I can make honey lemon tea. Oh Mikey ♥ . :D

Thursday, January 14, 2010


How many other ways can you say "to sit" and "to touch"?


Take care



F21 in square one?

I've been hearing a lot of rumours that they're opening up a store in Square One. I never saw anywhere that would be big enough for it until yesterday. Roots closed down and moved to where Randy Rivers used to be. That should be big enough I think... If I'm right I'll be so happy!! :D


I can't decide which one to wear...
For sure I want those shoes though...


The sale ended today well officially yesterday...
You buy 3 soaps/holiday products for the price of 1...
Too bad they barely had any soaps left.
And I went crazy with the snow fairy. I got 3 more of the little Snow fairy bottles (1 for Mike), Fairy Tail Scrub (which makes your skin AMAZING but this one's for Mike because I still had one left), and 2 of the Solid Perfume of the Snow fairy. It's very similar to the Godmother and the Rockstar smell. I LOVEEEEE this smell so much!! lol clearly xD
Oh and I went to the one at Eaton's because the one at sq1 is basically empty. This hot guy that works there fully told me he remembers seeing me before (like last week). You know you're a lushie when the employee remembers you. :)

I found an outfit

Too bad it's only online...
GRR where's my money?!?!?!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


If you guys see or hear any, let me know...
I need about 130 more by next Tuesday...

Revlon Photoready & Mac Cremeblend Blush!

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent my tax return money in a blink. And I got the new Revlon Photoready Foundation in Rich Ginger and MAC Cremeblend Blush in Joie-de-vivre and So Sweet So Easy from the Lillyland Collection. The So Sweet So Easy does not come up on my cheeks or lips so I'm returning it. The other two I'm keeping. Here is what I look like with the new foundation and the blush in Joie-de-vivre:

I'm still on the fence for the foundation because it has a lot of shimmer in it. Think Twilight vampire shine... -.- It looks like my face is really oily in the picture but thats the shimmer I was talking about. You can even kind of see a few pieces of glitter... blah... I like a bit of glow in my skin but not THAT much. But the coverage and colour match is amazing! And this is sooo hard to find here in Canada. I finally found it in Walmart and they had barely any left. I wasn't so sure about the colour but Mike said it looks like it should be okay and wooow he was right! Also if it's a foundation made for photos, i dont understand why it gives off that white face look on pictures. Maybe it's the ELF booster I put on top but I don't know :S I rubbed off a bit of the booster and put more MAC MSF in Medium Deep and I think it helped. Another thing is that I hope I don't have any skin reactions to it!!

And omggg I LOVE this blush. It gives such a nice natural glow. And I even have it on my lips with MAC lipglass in Silly Girl on top. I heartssssss it! I totally recommend you get this before it's gone because it is limited edition. I hope they keep this formula because basically everyone so far loves it (from what I've read).

Oh I also bought a pack of 10 hangers at Zellers for $4 with whatever is left on the gift card Mattie and Kristine gave me. xD

Pmall next wednesday

Anyone wants to tag along let me knooooooow :)

oh hai tax return... goodbye tax return

LOL Yeah so I got that tax thing and clearly I spent it in under one day. I mean come on, those Mac cremeblend blushes were calling me!!! xD

Wow I'm so late...

I just found out that Tila's fiance Casey Johnson died...
And now there's this whole drama with her and Casey's family and Perez Hilton. Have some respect for the dead geez...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fresh baked cookies!

I love the smell!
And I love baking too ♥
It's sooo chewy inside and perfect crunchy outside :)

im hungry

And guess what?
I don't have a break until 12! :(

Monday, January 11, 2010


I've been so SICK of my room and I've been wanting a clothes rack for the longest time. I was at loblaws with my family today and BAM I saw one. It was the last one and I was expecting it to be about 20-30$ and really I'm broke so I thought to myself I wouldn't buy it. I checked the price and it was under 4 dollars! OMG I know! I was so happy and of course I bought it. Have you guys ever had that feeling that whatever thing you're wanting to buy is meant to be yours? Maybe that's what a shopaholic tells herself. Hahaha. :) Whatever here's my room now:

I assembled this all by myself :) Is it weird that I like assembling stuff like this? I've assembled basically everything that's in my room: bookcase, study desk, and now this. I am awesome don't lie! :P
PS. Do NOT look under my bed haha. :)

I feel sort of accomplished

I actually finished the 4 exercises due on Tuesday for my Professional Writing class... weird.
Too bad I don't have blank paper to print on FML

This is so sad.... :(

A letter to my dead girlfriend

Date: 2009-10-25, 1:36PM CDT

It has been a rough year darling. The ethereal power of Craig's List will get this message to you I am sure, like in some sort of cheesy 80s movie.

Well back to the last year, you of course died at the beginning of it which put things to a sour start. I spent last night with your mum and dad, we went to that Italian place in Wicker Park, who on the surface seem to be coping. I had everyone get together for my 25th which went well, your ladies are on top form and I think some engagements are brewing. Ellen is turning up the heat on Steve who will soon be forced down to one knee as you predicted.

Last weekend I finally took the step of cleaning out your clothes from the closet, which is very barren now. I invited your friends over to take your what they liked, it was an awkward session. I think they took them more as a favor to me than anything else. Liz cried when we pulled out all of your shoes, Miranda joined in and then Catherine broke down. It was strange to stand in our bedroom surrounded by three crying girls. I made a joke about them crying for joy at the prospect of some free Manolo Blahniks which they didn't seem to find very funny.

A few girls have put the moves on and as you know picking up women is not a forte of mine. It seems the grieving boyfriend seems to be a good angle. Who knew! I went on one date and spent it talking about you, the poor girl. You would have found it quite witty I think. No other dates to report, I am going against your orders to move on for now.

I found one of those hair tie things that somehow managed to squeeze into every crevice in the apartment. It was under the bed. I sat on the floor holding it and cried. Until then I had held everything together but it just all came flooding out.

Every morning when I wake up I forget for a fraction of a second that you are gone and I reach for you. All I ever find is the cold side of the bed. My eyes settle on the picture of us in Paris, on the bedside table, and I am overjoyed that even though the time was brief I loved you and you loved me.



Sunday, January 10, 2010


LMFAO most of my text msgs are from Mike telling me to wake up. LOOOL. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Someone tell me where I can find a cute, affordable dress for an upcoming debut. Shoes also xD

Friday, January 8, 2010

2 days late post

Belle and Chelle promised me a birthday date on Wednesday. We honestly had no clue what were gonna do until the moment we all got together. We went to go to Japan Buffet near UTM and yummm <3

(lol @ my really dry lips)

After sushi, we picked up Gerene at square one and went to their house to make crepe ("crap"). LOLL we were still kind of full so we didnt make that many. Besides the first one I made looked like crap. I ate it though loool shame! xD

(Cidcris' "fluor" lol... well we found it funny)
(Gerene eating her sushi... "Never order Chicken sushi")
(Us frying the crepes in her garage... FREEZING let me tell you)
(So this was the first one. Whatever it was good and edible :P)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thai Express

At Square One is FINALLY open eh... It's pretty good! I miss Timmies though :(

Food Inc.

My professor from my Information Studies class showed this to our class. It's a quite interesting documentary and I think everyone should see it. Clearly the food we eat now is different from before and it's not really for the better. Maybe it is better if you're looking at it economically. But if you look at it from a health aspect, you might think twice of what you are putting into your body. If you guys wanna watch it, this site might have it. Check it out when you can... I know y'all are busy with school at the moment.


After my 3 year contract, I don't think I want to stay with you guys anymore... Unless you fire that little bitch I talked to at the Square One dealer store in the Upper level.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maybe I shouldn't have...

bought those lipsticks. I totally forgot that I have to buy new books for this semester... lol. GREAT.

Lands End

For those of you what that is, it's this brand that's sort of like American Eagle but for older people. It's more popular in the States apparently compared to Canada but since my sales lead is for both my department (kids) and Lands End, she lets me work there once in a while (more often nowadays actually.. -.-). Anyway, I was kind of been eyeing this coat for a while. I've need a new one for a while because my Old Navy one is not warm at all. (N) This is the one I ended up getting:

It`s supposed to be good for -5 to 15 degree Fahrenheit weather. And if you read the extra information, it has this thing where it`s so waterproof that "water beads up and rolls off". LOL I can just picture it in my head literally and I find it funny. It was $74.99USD on the site (with duty charges came up to 99.98USD which is not bad since the currency is 1 to 1.02.) If you buy it in the store, it's 139+tax lawl. Besides, there were no browns left. Anywho, after buying it, I wanted gloves too! And if there's anything I will ever recommend from this brand, it would be this pair of gloves:

Mine is actually pinker I think. The colour I got was called Berry. Anyway, they look thin but they are SUPER warm. I bought a pair of gloves from Bentley because it was pink and looked warm. HELL no it wasn`t warm. And Jasmine hid the other pair so it`s useless now. GR. Oh well. I like how it`s not so big or heavy but it`s still very warm.

If I persuaded you into buying something from Lands End, don't bother ordering online at your house. Go to a Sears store because it would be free shipping to your house :) Better yet, come to me if I'm working there. :) For those of you who actually know me, I'm usually apathetic for Sears products even though I work there. But trust me on the gloves. :)



LOL this site is amazing! *not spam I swear*

Monday, January 4, 2010


I just placed an order with about 2 dozen of NYX Round lipsticks and glosses... I hear shipping is super duper slow especially if shipped in places OTHER than States. Let's see how long this will take..... *Impatiently waiting* I wish they sold more NYX here. They have it in the Pharmaplus near my house but the selections are CRAP and the prices are inflated. Awesome isn't it? *sarcasm*

MAC, Urban Decay, Revlon Swatches

Don't y'all love the holidays? December's my favourite and least favourite month of the year. I love it because it's my birthday month and I get twice the presents (usually) because of Christmas/New Year. But it is also the dreadful exam week(s). Too bad it went by fasssssssssssst but I'm not really complaining... Anyway here are some stuff I got that are worth blogging. Everything was a present except the 3 lippies. ♥ Enjoy the swatches and ignore the dryness of my lips (duhh it's winter here in Canada!!) and my blurring photograph skills. And LOL @ some having cotton residue due to the constant wiping of tissue to swatch. :) Oh and they're all clickable and are HUGE images when you do.

Here are my lips with only Aquafina chapstick (HG product for me btw) just for reference:

Urban Decay Show Pony Shadow Box Palette

(top: Snatch, Mildew, Flash; bottom: Painkiller, Smog, Toasted)



MAC 5 Frisky Business Bright Mini Lipglass/Lustreglass Set

2 Lustreglasses (Wonderstruck and Pinkarat):

2 Lipglasses (Totally It, Silly Girl, Beaute):

(the flash is actually the one in the bottom and vice versa xD)

OMG. My first 2 MAC lippies :O

Revlon 002 Pink Pout
Sort of a MAC Snob dupe. I took a picture of half Snob and the other half Pink Pout but I think I ended up deleting it because I thought I took the same picture twice shoot... xD My bad. I also ended up forgetting to take a picture of the Pink Pout itself haha..

This colour caught my eye while waiting for Mike to finish work... This is just one swipe and it is VERY buildable for those who want really purple lips?

Revlon 066 Berry Haute

That is that. I would review each one of them but I would be super repetitive with the "I LOVE THIS" comment. :)
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