Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sandals Haul + Picture of the Suzy Shier Wedges + Family Trip/Mom's Birthday

I've been meaning to post this picture but I've been too lazy. :P Here are those wedges I bought from Suzy Shier for about less than $30CAD.

I love how it's perfect for this season and can match anything, especially dresses and skirts which I'm loving right now!

I bought two sandals today (finally) because honestly, I think I only have one pair of black sandals (so sad I know).

This is from Spring Shoes and they were regularly $39.99, and when I went there today, it was marked down to $29.98! I wasn't so sure of this one at first. But the price going down helped me with my decision. I love bargains! :) The flash washed the colour out and these are actually a lot more beige. You can get them in stores or here:

I got this for $15 at Walmart. So cheap right? And they're decent for its price, and to be honest, Walmart isn't really the best place to buy shoes. And again, the flash washed the colour out. These are actually a bronzey-gold colour.

If you haven't noticed, I've been into shoes lately (no makeup hauls lately eh :O). And I used to have all my shoes downstairs in the closet by the door entrance of my house, along with my family's shoes (there are 6 of us btw). I would never be able to find the shoes I plan to wear, and I end up wearing the same shoes. So I grabbed all of my shoes from that closet and I was stuck with a bunch of shoes with nowhere to store them in my room. I've been searching online for a solution, but I would rather see these racks/organizers in person. I found one at Walmart for about $9 that can has 20 slots, so at least 10 pairs, but I managed to put some pairs into one slot. I still have some shoes without proper storage and the ones in this organizer are the ones that I would wear the most or are my faves.

Here are also some pictures of that trip to Niagara to go shopping that I took, which was also my mom's birthday.

This is my sister Jasmine chilling on her carseat.

Jamming to my iPod.

We watched Alvin and the Chipmunks in the van (Theodore :D)

We stopped at iHop for some late brunch. Mmm cheesecake in between pancakes with strawberry and whipped cream topping! So divine!

Then for dinner, we went to Peter's at Eglinton to celebrate my mom's birthday. They have really good souvlaki there. And seriously, for $14, look at that serving!!

I hope you guys are all well. :)


kirstyb said...

looks like you had a fun trip x

ipehishere said...

great shoesss love them :D
ur sis jasmine sunglasses soo cute!!

Kasia said...

great sandals!!

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