Wednesday, December 31, 2008

greatest way to end the year

I had work from 930-430 and my manager was supposed to work with me that whole time as well, but her daughter got into an accident. She hit a pole underground, it's probably because of the snow. My manager is for both my department and Lands' End... and with just my luck, the only person in for Lands' End called in sick. I was asked to go to Lands' End for a bit until my manager comes in.. which was about 3:00. OMG I was absolutely lost in that department, and I felt bad when customers asked me for things and I had no clue. xD And on top of that, our system went down for returns the time I had returns/exchanges. The time passed by pretty fast but it was just too much.

And heeeeeeey I got ignored again on the bus... surprise surprise. "Kung ayaw mo di wag." =]

Yaaay for being alone the first day of the year...

Expect a long blog after this one tomorrow because I have nothing else better to do. It's going to be about the year 2008 sooooo yeah. Happy New Years you guys! =D


OMG i am sooo mad... my brother ate it all and I'm still waiting for the new rice to cook. Damn it, I'm so hungry. :(

And yes... if youre asking, "Did she seriously write a post about rice?" DAMN RIGHT!


K I'm off work in about half hour laterrrrrrr.

Oh dear..

Work day # 6 tomorrow.
At least I'm not closing...
GRR @ my chapped lips and nose. Ewww...
So it's final, I can't go with him because my parents are le gay sometimes. :(
... party at my house then? Anyone???

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Umi Sushi

Chantelle invited me to come to this reunion sort of thing with her friends, some I knew, and some I met. :) (I dont know Vivien and Jaesel... HAHAHA). We went to this restaurant called Umi Sushi. Vivien and I actually left at 10 because I needed to go to the bank to cash in a check and open up a student visa, and she was nice enough to come with me. :) Now she knows how bad of a saver I really am... that's our secret vivien! =.=

Umi Sushi is an all you can eat sushi restaurant (duh). The thing I noticed about them is that the first batch you order comes fast, but your second order comes soooooo much after. But anyway, I hate being late in school, and the whole "filipino time" stereotype does not apply to me even if I am filipino. We got there and I think we waited for about half an hour for the majority of people to come. They are a very nice group of friends ^^. Yummy in the tummy food haha. I could not stay as long as the rest because I had work at 2:30. I didnt get to the ice cream :(. Next time I guess...

Work was... NOT fun. For some reason, the mall was really busy. It's a Monday wtf are you people doing in the mall?! Gahhh. And there were more returns than sales, so I had to keep getting rid of the pile up on the cash desk, and since the cashiers don't bother putting it neatly, it's messier! Grrr. I was probably too sick to be at work but I didnt want to call in sick because well I was by myself for a bit. And my manager called in sick because she had some operation done to her back. I told her to not come anyway, I felt bad and I understand. I handled it anyway... It just sucks more because I am still sick. I was pretty much blowing my nose every 10 seconds, and now my nose really hurts. I ran out of Kleenex (yes I put some in my purse before I left my house), so I had to use rough bathroom tissue EWWW!

So more work tomorrow.... oh dear.

PS. Thanks to Chantelle for the awesome scarf she made herself! :D

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I am soooo sick of my phone right.. this ugly Nokia 6275i:

And I'm on prepaid from Virgin Mobile. They're really good actually, but I want a plan and a new phone because the one I have is like a brick haha. It has lasted a lot of drops though so I'm telling you now that Nokias last probably forever. My mom had one of the first ones ever out, and it still works if you put a sim card in it. It's just HUGE though.

But here are the ones I want:

  1. The Samsung Instinct. Apparently, it is exactly like the iPhone, or even better.

  2. This one is the LG Voyager. It has both the features I want: touch screen, and QWERTY side keyboard.

  3. The LG Dare. (Names for phones sound sexy now haha). This one's just a touch screen but I can probably settle with it...

  4. The Keybo sounds and looks more like me. Cute and weird. Hehe. ^^ It has the side QWERTY keyboard which I really like, and Koodo has some really good plans... so yeah..

Someone PLEASE help me decide! Eeek!!!


at least just this week...
I've been working since the 26th, and I did switch my shifts so I can have Saturday off to rest after the party on Friday. So yeah, I have work non stop until Wednesday. No work on New Year's Day duh, then back to work on Friday... holy geez.
Oh well it's not like I've been asked to go anywhere else anyway...

PS. I am uber sick... I feel like Rudolph with my red nose gahh... And LOL @ Shermin asking me if she can ride me... uhhhh .... yeah.... no thanks. :P Yeehaw?

calling it a night.. after this!

So this is my schedule for this week:
28: sq1 with bella from 11:30-1:30
  : work from 1:30-8:30 (or 9:30 i cant even remember..)
29: work from 2:30-9:30
30: im working i forget when again hahaha
31: might be working if i get to switch my shift with this girl
  : midnight dinner again with family
01: all my family are going to NJ for my lola's brother's wedding anniversary.
  : home alone... IF my brother decides to go...
02: work from 2:30-930
  : PARTY @ TWINS' basement lawl =D
03: still partying @ the twins' basement
  : im scheduled to work 9-5 this day but hopefully i get to switch it because i am planning to call in sick if they don't let me switch hahaha
04: work. still home alone.
05: school starts again.. except for me because i have mondays off yeahhhh! =D
06-09: university yaaaay >.<

so why avoid him?

Well that's simple, less awkward for the both of us. It's hard to get over someone you see quite a few times in a week. It's better if I don't see him for a while just to keep it off my mind = faster healing process I guess? It's not like I'm gonna ignore him completely when I see him, although he might save me the trouble and ignore me... haha. I have a pretty sick sense of humour huh... xD

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I am LE sick...

Why now???
My beginning of 2009 already isn't gonna be so good. I might be completely home alone the first day of the year until about the 5th. Yaaay... on top of that I have a cold and sore throat... And then I have work. AHH why???

I have had work since Friday all the way to Tuesday... ahhh!!! :( I guess more moolah for me hahaha.

Oh so right now I'm "avoiding him at all costs". As in I take long ass routes I know I won't see him at. And so far, it's working. Yay meee....

Whoo party on friday! I can't wait. :D

Friday, December 26, 2008


My plan was to wake up uber early (630am) to get to sq1 by 8.. but as always, i turned off my alarm when it rang and ended up waking up at 9 haha. So I got there by 10 and a lot of people were already there... :|

So first stop: La Senza (of course ;]). Their sale was actually good. 10 underwears for $20... or 5 for $15... I only took 5 but thinking about it now, I should have taken 10 ughh. I got 2 bras for $12.50 each and 1 for $16.50.

Bluenotes was right beside it so I decided to go in. I actually did some advanced online shopping to see what they have. Nothing really interesting there but I ended up getting 2 sweaters and 1 pair of jeans because it was buy 2 get 1 free. I actually got a light green and white stripes one instead of that grey and white stripes one... I kinda miss wearing green so I bought it. (Aww cabot <3). And ohh yeah I ran into Bella, her dad and Edmark shopping... Now she knows how annoying I am to shop with! xD Oh and since my phone is duzno at the moment, I had no way to contact Alyssa until I borrowed Bella's phone. Yeah we were supposed to meet earlier than that but yeah...

OMG I saw these in blue and I was sooo gonna buy the but i didn't. :(
Me and Alyssa kinda just roamed around. We went into UB, Costa Blanca, Stitches and their sales SUCKED because it's pretty much the same as any day you go there. Garage had 50 on top of their red-ticketed prices but I'm not really that into Garage anymore. Guess had a good sale on their clearance merchandise (50 off on top of the red sticker) but I wasn't feeling the clothes. I was looking for a wallet but I was having second thoughts on purchasing one because do I really NEED one? I think all my wallet needs is a bit of organization. xD Yeah I didn't end up getting a wallet today.

OMG. I bought my first lotto ticket today... and no I didn't win. But that's okay... Better luck next time I guess.

I actually really HATE boxing day. Shopping around with a centimetre space from everyone is uncomfortable and I hate it. Also, the long ass line ups getting in and paying... Most of all, working during boxing day. People think that just because it`s boxing day, they can just shop like animals and leave the biggest mess they possibly can. Grrrr!

Oh and for my break, I ended up going back to La Senza to buy those 2 bras I mentioned up there and Sirens. Even though I paid regular price at Sirens, I don`t really care because what I bought are soooo cute! ^.^

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas! =]

to anyone who's reading this...haha.
I ate too much last night I think and I ate some more today... same food. Meh, I don't mind. Yummu filipino food <3
I think I'm going to Buffalo later... I'm really not sure haha.
I hope you guys had a good one. ;)
PS> Happy Birthday Jesus.

EDIT: I'm staying home all day today.. yaaaay. Someone entertain me I'm freakin bored. So my plan tomorrow is wake up as early as possible to get to sq1 by 8. Yaay boxing day!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

put the blame on me...

I'd rather have the blame put on me because that way I actually have a chance to fix it. I can't change anyone, that's for sure. It didn't work because I am not good enough... I'm not going emo really but I would rather hear this because at least it already hurts, so nothing anyone can say can hurt me further. All the "I told you so's"... I dont know it makes sense in my head... I would rather be the one in pain because I can take it, I can cry it all out, and then move on with the scars and bruises hidden underneath my skin. I can fake a smile... This is why it's gotta be me.. so I don't ever see you in the pain I've been through, because that for me is the most horrible pain... So put it on me, and don't worry about me. I heal better by myself.

morning of christmas eve...

The time flew by so quickly once you stop staring at the clock every 5 seconds. I swear I was like that for my birthday and like I totally forgot about Christmas being a week after, and boom Christmas is tomorrow! So this year, my whole family (well the ones that are here) are coming over to my house to celebrate Christmas. I guess it is the biggest out of all of them, even if I think it's small. Whatever, size doesn't matter. As long as we're happy and comfortable, it's all good.

I actually started my christmas shopping YESTERDAY. Yeah I know, uber late but what was i to do? I had my debut planning to do before this so I was busy and broke.Haha. I went to square one at around 220 and got home by about 630. That's actually not bad... 4 hours of shopping for family (and myself haha). I hope they like it. I feel bad still though cuz I haven't bought gifts for my parents, brothers, and jasmine yet. I told them I will later cuz I'm kinda broke hehe. Good thing me and my friends are doing Kris Kringle.. saves us all money. But then again, I bought a present for the twins and Cidcris. It's a thank you gift I guess for all the trouble they had to go to my whole birthday week. And Jeric, dont worry I'll get you your tshirt soontimes! Ahh the party's next friday I can't wait. Not just because of the booze, but last chance to chill with everyone before they have to go back to their university life... It's kinda depressing...

Oh and when does being drunk and not knowing what's going on make me a creeper? hmm... I don't need this bullshit so I'm moving on. It was just not meant to be. I deserve better... you deserve better... I'm sorry for "creeping" you out, but that was not what I was doing at all. I've cried out my last tears for you, I'm done.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So here is the post about my long awaited 18th birthday. All the planning, stress, and money were all worth it in the end because even with the super duper bad weather (as always), everyone had fun and that is what I aimed for.

For some odd reason, every year that I've been in Canada (so like 6 years now), it rains UBER heavy the day I celebrate my birthday. It's a piss off alright but what can I do but to look at it optimistically. I just think... hmm maybe God loves me so much, he shows it with snow... LOTS of snow. :) Yeah mon but most of my friends got used to it, and they can't really use the excuse of not making it because of the bad weather because well, my lovely bff Rheena lives in Milton and hell she made it why the heck couldn't you?! But there still were people who could not make it... meh whatever.

So like here was my itirenary for the day:

  1. Get makeup done by Alyssa's cousin at 1030.
  2. Hair appointment at 1 at Donato's.
  3. Twins picked me up at around 2:30.
  4. Drive to Stage West to get our rooms finalized and have our booze cooled in the fridge.. I kinda had a bit of trouble in the beginning as always. I have a prepaid mastercard since I was still not 18, so like I had to load the card before I could use it. I swear I put enough money but nnoooo it was not enough. I had to use my own cash that was for the DJ and so Bella had to lend me money for the DJ. It all turned out okay in the end.
  5. Drive to Valleys. We were supposed to be there before 5 but because of the insane weather, we got there at 5:45... Talk about filipino time!

I planned to put on my dress in the place because there is no way I was getting my dress wet from walking from the car to inside!

So we get there and everything was pretty much ready. And the table arrangemtn was totally not how I wanted it because I undermeasured the tables. They were wayy bigger than what I thought but the number of people not coming kind of made up for it... I loved my cake and watermelon carving. Wheeeee! =D

For performances, I performed twice. One with Gerene on guitar (I bruise easily by Natasha bedingfield). And a solo (On the wings of love by Regine Velasquez). So like I forgot to mention that my solo was dedicated for my grandpas. Chantelle performed a contemporary dance choreographed by her to Umbrella by Marie Digby. Amazing let me tell you, I got a video but I haven't seen pictures of it D:. "Jaimee's mounties" also performed. Great performance let me tell you. I know how hard it is to get people together to practice, and Mike told me how exhausted you guys were that day, and yet you still performed so I'm very thankful. And I can't forget my 'surprise' by Tamara and Chelle. They HAD to do For Good from wicked huh... :P

So for my thank you speech, I was supposed to read off from this thing I typed out. I eventually gave up on reading from it because well I was nervous and also it was easier for me to just say it on top of my head. I shouldn't have done that because I ended up forgetting people like my caterer, DJ, emcee, Chantelle, Mike, Cj, and Bryan. So I'm just personally thanking them now ... like here... haha.

Lack of practice on the father and daughter dance... more like no practice at all. HAHA my dad tried to show off though but Im just like Dad what are you doing??? Very funny though.

Amazingly, all of the 18 guys and 18 girls I asked to be in my court made it, except for Jhoanna. And I asked Chantelle to be one of my candles last minute so she was the only one not wearing pink. It's okay though because Chantelle is awesome and deserved to be in it! Highlight of that part is Nikolai randomly dipping me. =) And my 18 candles' wishes were so nice, I love you guys.

Ohh David david david. My escort... Our dance was just so funny. Even though, it wasn't the greatest, you still tried because of me. Thank you! I could not have asked for a better escort.

We had this whole major photo session. I think Vivien started it but yeah... Haha.

I could not wait any longer for my presents so I opened most of them. Here's one that matches with my dress! xD

At first, I thought there were not enough cars to drive us to the afterparty. But we actually had enough! There were only a few pictures taken of the afterparty. But let's just say it was FUN. And I think I had one too many tequila shots, hpnotiq, vodka, and smirnoff ice. Let's keep it at that... :P

Saturday, December 20, 2008

time of my life

My debut was soooo freaking amazing! I'm sooo sad it's over though. Just too many things to mention, but I will eventually write a post on that. But for now, I'm too tired! xD

Friday, December 19, 2008



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the last thing on your mind...

or so i thought i was. apparently not, you calling me 1.5 hour before my birthday... Thank you. That was completely unexpected but I guess he does have a heart in there somewhere. I just hate how I wanna get over you but you come back when I'm about to let go. Well happy birthday to me (and Andrew lol)! So friday is the party, what happens happens I guess... And so far, he's the only one who've called to greet me... hm...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Getting to hang out with him kind of rekindled a flame... It made me see how much mr dumdum has nothing to offer but a headache and heartache. It's weird that I can actually talk to him about relationships now... like the whole love should be reciprocal and used his own past relationships as an example. He has a very weird sense of humour, cook, laundry, a good son and brother, caring... perfect boyfriend material but at the same time how would I know right?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

art history: bury yourself in a damn hole

I probably wouldnt have despised this course if I had a more interesting prof. Holy geez, I have NO notes.. none at all. Haha. And she makes the exam from 8 in the freaking morning until 11... so that means I have to wake up at 6 and leave by 7 to get there on time. it's such a piss off. At least after this exam, I have one more to go and I'm free... at least for now. I WANT a vacation. Who wants to kidnap me??? seriously! Anyway I'll have a funny blog soontimes after I upload the pictures from yesterday. Back to studying I go... >.<

Saturday, December 13, 2008

AH i want this

more than anything... an acoustic guitar. ahhh...!

Friday, December 12, 2008

aw memories...

So Andrew finally posted up pictures from the prom afterparty. Finally a nice one where I am not passed out or super duper gone xD. This was one of the best nights of my life and I will never forget it. I know this post is long overdue but I just got a good picture for it. :P I really really miss high school. All of your friends are there and you don't have to go to such lengthy measures to see them like now. It sucks because convenience really does affect friendship. If your schedules conflict, there is no way you'll see each other. At least I have my birthday where at least MOST of my friends are coming. YAAAAY! :) Ah... all this talk is making me really nostalgic... Cheers to four years you guys, and I hope for many more!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

exams... SUCK

So I am preparing to bomb my anthropology exam at the moment... I just thought I should take a break and write a blog. Well I've been taking 2 mins breaks every 10 mins. HAHA. I have such a bad attention span. It's not my fault really... Why the heck did I take anthro again? For fun... gahh bad idea. I like the course but I don't wanna do the exam for it! Aw mann... Then I have art history on monday to study for... I dont evn have notes for that class haha! :(

this is for vivien's grandpa

I woke up and checked her blog and read about it. I'm so sorry. I'll pray for him and hope he'll be okay. Also for you and your family to be okay. Vivien, I want you to know I'm here for ya. If you wanna talk just do it... don't even think twice because I have an exam tomorrow. Love ya!

can't sleep...

so i decided to write about what i want for my birthday/christmas =]:

Well basically any hoodie would do. I prefer colours I don't have yet like white, green, brown... but then I can never have enough pink right =D

I need more jeans and I like the skinny fit. I have a dark wash and black. I want the faded wash... :)

OMG. I've wanted this kind of sweater since forever!!! :D Any colour really...

HAHAHA. "I've always wanted sweat pants" (inside joke with chelle)... these ones would be nice. It doesn't HAVE to be from UofT.

So far I have only one uoft sweater and it's really comfy and warm. Any colour would do. I have the black and pink one hehe.

This foundation is amazing. My colour is 128 =D

I loveeeeee Urban Decay's eyeshadow. I have the purply-pink and glittery gold one already, so any colour but those two :)

I just can't get over how much i love this perfume. AHHH! :P

An iPhone wouldn't hurt either... but I probably won't get that anyway. Either way I'm getting a new phone next year.

Oh and him... haha JOKES. omg you guys if you know who this is, please dont EVER tell ANYONE I have this up. hahahaha. :P
PS. this was a joke... i made you laugh? ROTFL.
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