Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm exhausted...

And still I'm online even though it's 5am... I had work today well yesterday. From 7pm to 515am. So 10 hours and 15 minutes of inventory... I seriously felt like a robot. Scan. wait. scan. wait.. I swear it is the easiest job to do but also the most time consuming. At least I get overtime hours (y). Well seriously now, I'm about to fall unconscious so... good night fellas!
ps. 12 days til school!!!
pps. that reminds me... i need to start shopping for school stuff (aka clothes cuz i used to wear uniform for high school. and now... i have freedom ha! =D... uhh i mean school supplies *shifty eyes*)

Monday, August 25, 2008

live out loud!

Oh sigh... my vacation week is actually over. And the first day off vacation, I get called in to work. Greaat. It was such a horrible day. Time flew by though so I guess it's okay. But all that running around and stupid questions from customers is WAY too much for one day. Wait til tuesday, I have work from 6pm to 3am. Hurray? I wish I had a job I actually like, but the thing I need is a university degree. Life can suck sometimes eh... But I think some people mope too long on a bad experience and not enough on a good one. And they end up thinking their life is worse than it actually is. We just all need to stop and think on how much worse other people's situations are. Most of us can just get over it and move on, but others are unfortunately born into that situation and is close to impossible to get out.

Hmm so what did I do in my vacation week? Nothing so different from what I've been doing this whole summer: babysit and work. At least I got to go to Buffalo, NY and Hamilton for a bit. Pretty much the most boring summer ever. And it's almost over. I've wasted an entire summer on absolute nothingness... woohoo! *rolls eyes* Well 14 days until school starts! I'm really excited!!! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I hate how I'm trying to be friends with you and you still can't get over the fact that I'm done with you. I'm sorry I don't feel the same way I did before. Geez, it's called a change of heart, and guess who influenced that change. YOU fuckin did. Don't go acting like I just did it because I felt like it and now you start saying it's my fault your future is ruined. Dude, you're only 19, get back on your feet and start over. I did not MAKE you not go to school. That's your own decision and you know it. So please stop making me feel bad I dumped you. I had my reasons and I already told you what they were. And I really don't have to explain anything to you anymore. When I say hi, you don't just go I'm sorry I can't talk I'm busy I'm leaving soon. Wtf? I'm not the same girl I was 2 years ago when you met me. I ain't gonna go begging you to stay. Go and fucking leave. I just think it's sad you're willing to waste our relationship now. After all we've been through... I don't even know why I bother...

Well on an angrier note... FUCK warner brothers. Those money-minded assholes. Stop making excuses about why you moved HPOOTP 8 months after its original date. It has NOTHING to do with Twilight. Like come on, even if it was released on the same day, people (including me) will be in the theatre to watch both. Gahhh, this makes me SO mad!

So... 20 days until I start university. I am UBER excited! I've already met people in my classes through facebook. Haha! I'm kind of intimidated though because I know they are all smart. They wouldn't be in UTM if they weren't right? All the stupid losers have been weeded out (thank God!) LOLL!

PS. I really need to stop wasting my money on useless crap!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I can't sleep right now even though I really should be sleeping because I have work tomorrow 1030-530. Yay? My job's really not that bad thanks to the people I work with (well most of them anyway). I just hate looking at the mess everywhere. I clean and clean and clean but it's like the clothes literally just throw theirselves on the floor. It is such an annoying neverending cycle! Yes it keeps me busy for most of my time working but honestly, I'd really rather be doing something else. No matter though because I have to just put up with it for the next four years until I graduate and actually get a job that I'm interested in and went to school for. What is that you ask? No idea yet. :D I guess I'm just trying everything at university right now, but more focues on Visual CCIT. But who knows, I might change my mind like I usually do. At first I wanted to be a mermaid, then an astronaut, then a chem engineer, and now nothing really. Haha!

Sooo today I went to Boston Pizza with a couple of close friends for our friend Julie's birthday.
the birthday girl

I haven't really hung out with my girls for so long. And I've really missed it. When I'm with them, I can be myself and we can pretty much talk about anything from boys to sneezes. Geez, I don't know what I would do without my friends. They're pretty much my spine because they hold me up.

And by the way, the server we got looked SO much like Heidi from the Hills but brunette. She wasn't very smart either... and really served us badly. She was nice though but when customers arrive, napkins and utensils should be one of the first things you give out. I'm not a server and I know this wtf? She better not be getting paid more than me because grrrr!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Because I can...

K so let me tell you midnight conversations are the best. I've had talks on milk that somehow went into really disgusting food that some people eat, one on whether it's better to die from crucio or avada kedavra, one on why Edward Cullen is mine, one on why the world is lucky only one of me exists, and other extremely random ones.

So about the whole milk thing, my friend Damon brought it up because I couldn't sleep and he told me to drink milk and he asks why we drink it. Humans are the only creatures that drink milk from another specie. Every other animal only drinks from its mother. So why do we suck a cow dry of its milk? Well my answer was because it's kind of looked down upon to be drinking your mother's milk as an adult, if your mother even has any milk left. :/ Also we need it for calcium, which we can actually get from a pill though right? And that topic somehow got into people eating people or animal brains and what not. It kinda relates with the whole milk is actually body liquid.. brains being body part? Haha i don't know! But I guess the answer to why we kill animals for food is simply because we can...

So if you don't know Harry Potter at all, you might as well skip this whole paragraph mmk? I'm actually undecided on which is a better way to die. If it was crucio, you'll be in exruciating pain for a really long time. But you still have a chance to fight it. And well if you don't die from that pain, when the curse is lifted off, there's a very high chance that you are going to be insane. With avada kedavra, it's one curse and you're done for. Just like that, so no pain. Who wants a painful death anyway right?

Reasons why Edward Cullen is mine:

  1. Bella can not win in a fight with these guns of mine.
  2. He's 17, I'm 17. Bella sorry hun but older women dating younger guys? (yes i know he's not really 17 but i dont give a flying fart!)
  3. Who's saying he's not huh?!?!

Reasons why it's good to have just one of me:
  1. The world does not need two clutzes that can blow up the world if ever put near an atomic bomb trigger.
  2. Hearing me talk is enough. Hearing two of me argue... uhh good luck with that buddy.
  3. WW3 will start. And it started because neither one of us will give up Daniel Radcliffe to the other.

So... this is totally pointless.

And ooh I watched Pineapple Express with CJ and Damon. Funniest crap ever. Plot was horrible though but who cares, it made me laugh. I got 2 free tix for AMC and we got free popcorn too cuz they knew the guy working. "Hey Jaimee it's Jamie." "Wtf?... ohhh!" Hahahaha. So that movie is just another reminder on why nobody should smoke pot. It gets you in all kinds of trouble that could have been avoided if you were being responsible. I hate talking or even stand beside somebody high. Gahh!

Ps. Like Rheena, I BADLY need a haircut. Well I need it more than her. It is toooooo long blah! x.x

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have officially wasted most of my summer doing absolutely nothing! And it sucks...


I have nothing to write at this moment.

I'll rant about some other random thing some other random time! :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

just another ordinary day...

Hmm well let's see... Today was as ordinary as any Monday. I am forced to wake up against my will to babysit. So I'm pretty much stuck watching baby shows, feeding, and cleaning my baby sister. I don't mind but sometimes I just want a day where I do absolutely nothing. It sucks to be my sister when I feel like this because I tend to yell at her and she doesn't even understand why. Hahaha... yeah...

So whatever happened to bloggers? It seems they have all disappeared when I started blogging again. What the efffff? :( I'm tres tres sad and lonely. But I guess it's good in a way because this really becomes very private. Nobody ever reads it so I guess it's okay...

I can't believe summer's almost over. Another school year, this time harder. Greaaat. I'm looking forward to the challenge though. Also, the new people I'm going to meet (and the deers HAHA!). Yeah, so my brother told me that since UTM is pretty much a forest, that you will see deers randomly there. And that once, a man was attacked by one and saved by a friend of his that's a GIRL! Hahaha! Awesome right? :)

Countdown to start of school: 28 days from today.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hmm... work?

So I've been working at this department store called Sears. I'm actually in the kidswear department so I work with kids and expecting parents. Well I haven't been at work since last Friday and when I came back yesterday (well since it's already Aug 9 right now), I found the whole place a mess. So they've decided that it's time to move around the sections... again. As if the place wasn't such a mess already! The whole move I think is pointless and a waste of money. It's not my money so whatever. But I just hate how we, the floor associates, are the ones blamed for the whole mess. When one, it is so not our idea. And two, we are actually the ones cleaning up the place! It is us who gets all the yelling from customers and personally, if I walked in there right now as a customer and I see what a freaking mess the place is, I'd just leave and never shop there again.

Also, I called in sick on Saturday because I couldn't come to work, I wasn't really sick; and my manager knew that. I am not looking forward to seeing her again but what can I do? Luckily though, I am not scheduled the same time she's working so I'm gonna try my best to avoid her ha! I tried to book the day off but since she put it in the wrong month's request, I didn't get it. Well that's life what else could I have done right?

Ahhh oh well I really should be sleeping now because I have work again tomorrow. Greaaaaaaaaaat.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Let's start blogging again!

So I've decided to blog again. I haven't written an entry anywhere since around April 2006 so here goes...

  • I've learned that only the truest of friends will be there at the hardest of times.

  • Working in fast food gives you wrinkles.

  • Working in retail is not as easy as it looks.

  • Having a baby sister at the age of 16 is truly a blessing.

  • People are so judgmental. Just cuz I'm carrying a baby, doesn't mean she's mine.

  • Chemistry is so not for me.

  • Physics is actually easier than Chemistry!

  • Philosophy screws over your head. It's a good thing though knowing that you still have your own opinions on life.

  • Prom makes you broke.

  • Having a prom date is unnecessary. You can go to prom without one and still have the greatest time of your life.

  • Graduation gets people so damn jealous at the smart kids. It's not their fault you never tried in school buddy!

  • Having your own laptop changes your bedtime to 3 am.

  • Photoshop may be the greatest invention of time.

  • Facebook is addicting.

  • Myspace... say what?

  • Do not put a queen size bed in the smallest room of the house.

  • Do not drink with an empty stomach.

  • Debuts are typical and the only thing that everyone waits for is the after party.

  • Expect a prank from the troublemakers of the school. A tree in the middle of the soccer field ftw!

  • White dresses are so damn hard to find!

  • Harry Potter was not given justice in 7 books.

  • Twilight is close to a replacement for HP, but HP is still forever the greatest series ever created.

  • I really need to get my G1.

  • University tuitions are wayyyyyyyyyy overpriced.

  • University life? I'll get back to you on that :)

That's pretty much what's happened lately. Nothing big I don't think.

Life is a blur...
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