Tuesday, October 21, 2008


ang galing

ps. yeah right! :P
haha ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

rant time!

he doesnt DO anything
he doesnt KNOW anything
hes pretty much just there to go up to our faces and boss us around
the good ppl left with me are wanting to quit
wtf am i gonna do if they do? :(

"sometimes i wish i could save you"
ive tried
youre hopeless
u cant help somebody up if they wont grab your hand
amount of times youve ignored me? THREE
i was gonna say hi but you looked away AGAIN
so i got up and walked away
wtf else was i supposed to do?
i'll be your friend and all
but are u mine?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

whatever guy

"you dont know how it hurts..."
you really dont. you even admitted how passive and apathetic you are. fine whatever. it's ok with me but you should be careful because you lose a lot of people being like that. you are so dry sometimes.
"i loved you with a fire red now its turning blue..."
& you didnt even apologize. you tell me that's just how you are. WHATEVER. im hanging on your rope you got me 10000000 feet off the ground... but im about to let go. i hope you wouldnt have to say "what if..."
and when i say i 'll be there no matter what i mean it. dont tell me i shouldnt make promises i might not be able to keep because hell this one i will keep. be the fucking biggest asshole to me, i can take it...
i know im weird. i shouldnt put myself to shit like this but some pain is worth it just to have your company... haha gaaaay. no comment.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

that was just plain rude!

WTF just happened?
I was just talking to you in the morning and I see you in the mall. I go say hi to your friend and you just WALK AWAY. You didnt even look at me. It's like I wasnt even there. Clearly, I am invisible. That was too hurtful... i dont evn know what to think. :(

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i am beyond annoyed!

i fucking hate my parents right now
they got mad at me cuz i didnt put scissors back WTF
then they say i shouldnt study and clean
like thats the fucking right way righhht?
screw you just cuz youre not paying for me
i love jasmine but she is not my child
u fcking take care of her yourself GEEZ
i have other things to take care of just LEAVE ME ALONE
and apparently i am not studying
so explain to me what i was doing for FOUR HOURS last night
and TWO hours during my break
thats DAMN right
i was STUDYING my ass off
and now? i am attempting to write a 1000 word essay that's due tomorrow
so u STFU.

i am really not liking these past few weeks
i got 9 wrong in my multiple choice for psych
im stupid
i hate me

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

no FUCKING way

i just found out that one of my best friends VERONICA DORIC has an exam the day of my debut and after and might not be able to come.
FUCK :( im bummed.

Monday, October 6, 2008


at least i have accomplished something today:
INVITES are FINALLY printed out!

finally some privacy...

i feel too many people have been reading about my life.
the main reason i created one was to rant about personal stuff
not for others to read.
unless youre one of the few that knows about this
plz i wanna keep it as private as i can.
so have some respect for my privacy.

ps. he is officially a fucking jackass. dw buddy, you're not that special. i give up starting conversations with YOU. MY GOD am i fucking sick of it. why am i always the one huh? i shouldnt have expected ANYTHING from you... just like what most people said. heres that question again: WTF WAS I THINKING?!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

wisen up!

yes you jaimee.
geez to think by now you would've learned from the past.
wouldnt call it mistakes though...
maybe wrong decisions leading to A LOT of hurt
which SHOULD have been a good smack on the head

with a "WTF where you thinking?"
but nooo
here we are again...
chin up.
look in the mirror.
and say...
youre a fucking dumbass.
it's not like you'll ever change.
not even for yourself huh.

funny question of the day:

customer: "do you have a baby?"
jaimee: yeahh.... *customer looks shocked*
HUH? noo i dont! im 17
*customer looks more shocked*

lol so apparently, i don't look like i work there. too "chic" too "young".
and just because i know a lot about baby stuff, doesnt mean i have a baby. it means i am doing my job well! and i also have a baby SISTER. hmm...

Saturday, October 4, 2008


"spin me around and i'll pretend to understand"

so many things still undone:
  • FAH project
  • PSY study
  • CCT paper
  • buy new boots
  • debut stuff (centerpiece, print out invites STILL i swear next week
  • 2nd dress (PINK)
  • silver shoes
  • pretty silver jewelry
  • book off stuff.
  • get dec 12,19,20,maybe 21 off crappp.

n2s: "just smile & tell yourself it doesnt hurt you..."

i need..

a "fb profile picture" moment... grr.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Finally, one good thing about it. Since I'm pretty much working by myself in kidswear, I get very busy that I dont have time to think about my crappy life and stupid problems. PLEASE, just get out of my head!

And ahhh, KILL ME. Next week is going to be lethal. FAH project due before Monday, PSY test on wed, CCT essay due before Thurs. AHHHHHH!

I was about to leave my class today again ahaha, only cuz apparently UTM internet was down the whole day today. WTF? But oh well, I played solitaire and mahjong the whole hour. And yes I actually finished both games and won! :D Then my tutorial for it was totally a "shoot me now" moment. It was an FAH grammar workshop, and the prof pretty much just explained how periods, commas, colons, semi-colons, hyphens, etc. work. Hmmm, buddy, would we be uni if we didn't know how use those? GEEZ! :( my life sucks big time.

Nvrm that quote

All you need is yourself. Bitch please!

Hay naku pinaikotikot mo na ko. Malapit na rin nmn akong sumuko so wag kang magaalala. Hilong hilo na ko kahit na ilang araw pa lang nmn ang nakaraan. Masyado na kong naiinis, kung ayaw mo di wag. Ganun ka rin nmn pala katulad ng lahat ng mga gagong lalake na hindi alam ang gusto, o talagang walang gusto. Gulo mo pare, heh!

PS. Haha too bad you cant see it. Not meant to be seen just wanted to let it out. You can still read it if you knew HTML, if not sucks for you!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


The weather today was just horrible. It made me not go to my women studies and cct lecture. I hear I didn't much. Hahaha. I actually went to the food court and studied. And YES, I study better in that environment with my iPod on. Yeyeah I'm weird whatever. I was supposed to get a haircut with Rheena but they were full, who would've thought Donato's to be so busy on a Thursday? (I did but Rheena didn't believe me lol). Ohhh well. Ooh I also got prices down for my debut stuff. And I'm sorry that pink is not the in-colour but it cant be THAT hard. Pink ties? Don't even bother going to square one, theyre all overpriced. I say you follow Robert's suggestion of buying one in front of Food Basics at Central Pkwy (Y) lawl.

Be surprised

I actually skipped a class today. I was too tired to get up so I decided to not go to my Women studies tutorial. I don't think I missed much though since 1: i cant understand a word the teacher is saying and 2: all you do in the class is talk about what youve read anyway. Good job Jaimee. Wooow I wouldve been looking down at this two years ago but I guess I just don't give a damn about it anymore!

Schedule for today? Same as usual.
12-1 : CCT tut
1-2 : break
2-3 : ANT tut
3-5 : WGS lec
5-6 : CCT lec
6-whenever : surprise me.

And oh, "all you need is love."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random thought...

I should just go to Cabot one of these days in my uniform and yeah... HAHA.
Anyway, I've got some major catching up to do. Also, I am not in the greatest mood... so just don't bother me.


Cabot yearbooks 2007-08 are finally here!
I'm picking mine up Tuesday yeahhh!
Y'all better sign it or else.

Oh and I found out something about me during my psychology tutorial yesterday. Apparently, I use the left hemisphere of my brain and rarely my right hemisphere. This actually explains my weird OCD-like behaviour with left and right things. Like I always have to land on my right when I'm on the stairs. Or when I eat, it's not okay to have more food in the left side of my mouth. In summary, I got to have the right side of me rather than my left. And since our brains are contralateral (meaning opposite), I am now a step closer to figuring out who I am.


I was naive not to let you go when the time was right
I was a fool living in a dream that I thought could last
But I know that you will try to prove me wrong
But it's what I've got to do

I think you're mistaken, I'm sorry to say
I'm really just a loser who's getting in your way
I think you've forgotten, all of your plans
See you never meant to be here
And I think you should know
You're better off alone

And it's clear to me that everything has changed
Cuz nothing that we do feels the same any more
And I'll admit, I'll take the blame
Maybe we just moved too fast
And how could expect something like this to last
And I know that you will try and prove me wrong
But it's what I gotta do

I think you're mistaken, I'm sorry to say
I'm really just a loser who's getting in your way
I think you've forgotten all of your plans
See you never meant to be here and I think you should know
You're better off alone

You and I, we were standing watching us fall apart
So let me go and move along

I think you're mistaken, I'm sorry to say
I'm really just a loser who's getting in your way
I think you've forgotten all of your plans
See I never meant to be here and I think you should know
You're better off alone
Alone alone alone alone alone
Alone alone alone alone alone
Alone alone alone alone alone
Oh, you're better off alone
I think you're mistaken, I'm sorry to say
I'm really just a loser, you're better off alone
Better off alone....

blame me.

Hey guys, it's that once a year post of me ranting and sounding very emo. I am usually a happy person but I can't always be right... It's just that after high school, a lot of realization came to me like...

  • No matter how close you are to a person before, if your schedules conflict all the time, your friendship is gonna evenutally fade away.
  • If you're going to major into something like CCIT in which you know NOBODY in your year.. be prepared to be lonely as hell. It's been my fourth week and it's really not getting any better. The hour that you are in a lecture, no one really has the time to turn to their neighbour and say hi because you know that next week, you won't be sitting with that same person.
  • Most of my friendships are not reciprocal. I give too much and I'm okay with the fact that I will never get anything back. It's cool, but there just comes a time where you get really frustrated and annoyed.
  • Friends forever? Uhhh, you mean FRIEND forever. You can keep telling each other that, but you know deep inside that in the next few years, you will be hanging out with a different crowd of people.
  • You can't say that you should be my best friend just because you've known me the longest. Heck you can know me my whole life like my family, but they really don't know me. No one's got the right to say, "you were my friend first." That sounds so pathetic.
  • I am the kind of person to put all the blame to myself because I want to believe that everyone is good. I know I shouldn't think like that but too bad it's how I am. I can't force anything to anybody so it's always gonna be because I am never good enough.
  • I usually like the kind of guys I shouldn't. My friends are usually against them but they never got to know him like I did. I dont know, I just want to be THAT girl he is gonna change for. Haha, reason why I'm still single! No one will ever do that for me...
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