Monday, May 30, 2011

Harry Potter Mondays - PS

Yeppppp. :)

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Church FOTD

I haven't gone to church in a while. I know I know. I'm a horrible Catholic but I work every Sunday and it's my first Sunday off for months! Even though there can't be a reason for not saving an hour of my Sundays for God, it's really difficult for me to go after work. Anyway, I got up late and had minimum time to get ready.
Products used:
Neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup
MAC studio fix powder nc42
Maybelline dream mousse concealer (undereyes)
Tarte smooth operator (to set ^)
MAC billionaire bronze skinsheen bronzer stick
MAC my paradise blush
MAC all that glitters mixed with satin taupe all over lid
Revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner
L'oreal voluminous waterproof mascara
MAC brun for eyebrows
Barry M dolly pink l/s
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Friday, May 13, 2011

My MAC Lipstick Collection (with swatches)

I've tried for a while to avoid MAC lipsticks because I know I'd fall in love with it and become more broke than I already am. But it was hard to do and here are my proof of how I fail at resisting MAC.

Snob, St. Germain, Lip Treatment, VG Cyndi
Pink Nouveau, Hue, Pink Friday, VG Gaga
Candy Yum Yum, Angel, Ever Hip, Cute-ster, Strayin'

(Look how sad my HK Cute-ster is... it's just melted ahhhhh)

 Here are some swatches for those looking for them:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Face stuff

Let's see how long this will stay organized like this lol. Any one want reviews for any of them, let me know! :)

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Good karma I guess?

I've been having so many off-days for a while now and things are finally looking up. I haven't been online for a couple of days because apparently my household internet usage has been used up (all 60GB). I have a feeling that someone was using our Internet and has been for a while now but whatever. Anyway, my good deed today I guess turned on a light somewhere and I am finally getting what I want. What did I do you ask? Well I bought these Annabelle eyeshadow pans and a palette then I think I grabbed one that was on the CSD thinking that the sales associate haven't put it in my bag. But she did and I ended up with two. So I went back today to give it back and ta-DA! After my situation with UTM, I have applied for Sheridan and have been waiting for my acceptance for much longer than I was anticipating. Since I couldn't go online, I had no way of checking my acceptances and jut did today and saw that I was accepted!! FINALLY right? Anyway, I shall update more once I find the battery charger for my brother's DSLR that I always use which I seem to have misplaced. LOL. He's gonna kill me...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Silver Shatter Oh How I Need Thee

I was told by an associate at Trade Secrets last Tuesday that their shipment arrives Thursday. I went there Thursday and apparently they will get it Friday. Friday comes and I was too sick to go anywhere. Saturday, Mike checks EVERYWHERE in the mall for me and found out that they are already sold out everywhere. ARGHHH! They said they should get more by next week and if this happens again, I will be very upset. :(
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