Tuesday, September 29, 2009

8 months

Thanks for the note in my wallet :)
I love you.

last one i promise

  • Here today... Aragon tomorrow
  • Significant other color
  • Japanese Rose Garden

That's my last OPI haul this month okay :P Shoot its 29th already... I mean until my next cheque which is next friday :P

organizing and lighting.. finally

K so this happened yesterday... Mike and I planned to leave early so we can get breakfast and catch the 12:10 bus going to Sheridan. I guess our timing was kinda off by like 10 minutes and we ended up missing it because we had to go to Timmies at sq1.. Anyway we decided to go to walmart at south common to waste the time and I saw a lamp that for 16 bucks which is a reasonable price including the bulb. Then we decided to fuck my lecture and I didn't end up going since there's nothing on the lecture that I can't get from the online notes... I did go to my tutorial at 5-6 though okayyy. And Mike finally got to try the stir fry at sheridan xD After all that, we loafted at square one like always and went to walmart again to check if they had this wardrobe in stock (freaking only like 40$!! ) and they didn't have it... Also my mom wanted rugs and walmart didnt have it either wtf... We decided to stop by at the food court. Guess what we got? Fries and a shit load of it ughhh. I bought the works at NY fries and he got some curly fries at arbys and went back to get some straight fries too... too much fries... uhh... Then off to Zellers we went... They had this plastic drawers for only 20$ so I decided to get it. It was a good place to organize my nail polish, makeup, etc yayyy :) Here are pictures:

Monday, September 28, 2009


  • Give me the moon
  • Senorita Rose-alita
  • Heart Throb
  • Barefoot Barcelona

I've been wanting this blush for so long because of the neverending praise of it on youtube by makeup gurus like juicystar07, christine (idk the exact lettering of it lol), etc... NARS ORGASM is GORGEOUS. It's like a peachy pink with gold shimmer. AHH It's just perfect! I can't even tell you how much I love it right now lol... I got all of the NYC blushes as well like last week... they're REALLY good for the price you're paying but after I bought my nars, I haven't really used it. :P (Not being a brand snob kay but I just like the colour better...)


I would totally call you right now but I don't know if you're sleeping or not... And I know you gotta wake up SUPER early in the morning like always (cuz your school's like miles away)...

Anyway, BOOYAH! <3

Saturday, September 26, 2009

you're a stupid bitch

It's as simple as that.

You honestly need to get over yourself and STOP being fucking materialistic. Friends are NOT measured by what they give you for your birthday. You need to understand that not everyone has parents that would give you everything you want when you fucking whine about it. The world today is in such an economic crisis that the simplest thing as a fucking lack of birthday present to you is the least of the world's fucking problems.

Just because we have a great relationship with someone, doesn't mean you have to judge it because yours can't even be called a relationship. What we do is our choice, our decision. When you come up to our face and say that it's too early to say that or to do that, you have no fucking right when you yourself are being a hypocrite to yourself, and lying to us about it.

You are losing your damn friends because you have finally shown your true colours. Your "sarcasm" is not sarcasm when you actually mean it. It's NOT funny. People have already sensed a bad vibe from you from the start but obviously, WE don't judge so quickly like you do. We actually want to give everyone a chance before making an assumption. No one likes you because of so many reasons and you are so oblivious to it. You probably think I'm a bitch now but bitch I only tell the fucking, cold truth. Deal with it.

You can't mess with my friends and not get a piece of my mind. You haven't directed anything to me YET but you have with my friends and I think that you should GROW UP. I care for my friends, and they are being hurt from you and I can not just stand by and do nothing. If there's anyone to blame about what's been going on to you, blame your damn self. Do not point your fingers at others. We tried being friends with you but really now just FUCK OFF!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Me and Jaesel randomly got to talking about Barney... dunno how but anyway.. she then says she wants to colour herself purple. then i said she should colour her hair yellow so itd be contrasting. Then she sent me this video.... Haha I dont get it either...

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Anti Chip Top Coat

This thing is absolutely amazing and a must-have for me now. It dries your nail polish in like 30 seconds (1 minute if you really want to make sure lol). The easiest way to use this is paint all your nails first, then put this on top instead of colouring your nails then this on top right after because that will smudge it. It's less than $7 at walmart (plus tax obv lol). GET IT.


Maybe I'm a little bit obsessed... lol.
and lol @ the pinks I have which looks almost the same when on my nail...
Sorry for bad quality. this was taken from my phone.
New adds to my collection:
Elephantastic Pink
Russian Navy
Blushingham Palace (MY FAVOURITE ONE EVER)
Yoga-ta get this blue
Bogata Blackberry

Thursday, September 24, 2009

pho @ sheridan

LOL. I was hungry and asked mike if he can bring me pho at school (sheridan oakville) and he did :) LOL. now im so full and i have pho-breath looool ♥

also take out pho mi is SO difficult to eat because it's in this styrofoam thing. Freaking hard to eat like that but managed to do it. Made a mess but hey what matters is my tummy is happy :)

Very classy

grey with pink and black plaid dress with black stockings with converse.

a course about design thinking...

this prof keeps talking about her effing phD.
we obv dont care...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

lol i hate utm shuttles

they freaking run at weird times
like either u skip class and take the 530
or you stay in class and take the 715 :(

It's official...

I'm sick. FML.

freaking rain

I decided to leave my tutorial early because he didnt take attendance and you can do the stuff at home instead of having to wait for that class to end at 6 and wait for the 715 bus, i left early and took the 530 bus! Anyway, of course it decides to rain when I don't have an umbrella (not like i ever do) or a hood. FML. I got wet and I am sick now FML.

Monday, September 21, 2009

omgggg fail

I lost my cardholder with my tcard, bus pass, sheridan card, and entry pass in it. I didn't even realize until after my class wtf? My friend Norma showed me where the lost and found was and OMG it was there AHHHH. I was going to literally cry because I had no way home!!!



lol im talking to myself... how sad...

loveeee <3

So I was bored and searched You belong with me instrumental on youtube. I found one and started singing it. Mike was fully ignoring me... but i kept on singing... then he raised this paper saying I love you just like in the music video. <3 :) You're lame but I love you.
PS. He then tried to make it better, and it is now apparently a flag... idk... xD

english food

Mike's parents went to England for a week last week and came back with food for meeee (and my family. psh like i ever share :P) And YUMMMM it tastes british (LOL @ mike's reaction to this). ;)

marble nails

i found a video online about how to have a marble design on your nails. it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. it was actually fun, but time consuming. i would post up pictures but a couple were epic fail. i shall post it once i havea good one.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


i change my nail polish now loooooooool :)
i got 4 more:
shorts story
strawberry margarita
gargantuan green grape
i'm a princess you're not

ps. have i mentioned how much i love how they name their polishes? lol :) they make me happy.
pps. too lazy to swatch
ppps. im folding clothes too sooooo yeah...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

And so it begins...

a new addiction
to OPI
I bought Do you Lilac it, Parlez-vous OPI, Got a Date to knight, and dutch tulips.

Here are the swatches
Got a Date to Knight

Dutch Tulips

Do you Lilac it?

Parlez-vous OPI?

Ok so I got two purples why? I don't even know looool.

GAHHH I want more. I wanted You don't know Jacques but it was sold out. I got these at Trade Secrets btw for $36 with tax. They were having a promo if you buy 3 or more, you save 20%...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


i finally got my BJ (BOOSTER JUICE rheena you freaking nasty hoe :P ♥) and bbt (both mango and strawberry mwahahahaha :D)
mike you better be in class! yes i know youre reading this
get off the computer... and youtube... and facebook...
get your books NOW. haha

Monday, September 14, 2009

adobe flash

.... im in the lab right now learning (not really) something I already know... funnnn
Oh and I have to wait for the 715 bus when my class ends at 6... yay.
I want bbt.


I got a break after this class (3-5)...
My plan is to eat and read...
I'm gonna be so fat. lol.
Freaking Harveys... sigh...

utm tim hortons

fucking sucks.
apparently they dont double cup anymore
what if it's really hot u fucking idiots!
"wrap it with a napkin"
uhhh you dont even have any stupidddd.

and i dropped my phone... and my iPod.. not at the same time.. but in the time span of 5 minutes yes...
OBVIOUSLY not a good day today....

selling books...

So if you or anyone you know needs any of the following, let me know :

  1. Feminisms and Womanisms: A Woman's Studies Reader by Susan Silva-Wayne, Althea Prince. Selling for $40 with the pink reader. Cover is slightly folded and 3 pages on the book have some (like not even 6-9 sentences per page highlights and underlines on it) Same with the reader, but the back of the reader came off, but can be re-stapled. [This was used for WGS200 Women's and Genders Studies at UTM)
  2. Mirror for Humanity by Conrad Phillip Kottak (first two chapters have some pages highlighted.) Selling for $20.
I wouldn't charge shipping if you meet up with me on one of these locations on these days:
Monday (3-5), Tuesday (3-5), Thursday (3-4) @ Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus (in Oakville)
Wednesday (3-5), Friday (2-4) @ UofT Mississauga Campus, Kaneff Building/South Building
Saturday, Sunday (times are not fixed. changes every week) @ Square One. preferrably near Sears.

If you can't make it to these locations, you gotta pay shipping, and shipping differs from the weight and dimensions. Msg me for shipping cost if you want it to get sent to you (usually within a week or two depending where you want it sent). For serious buyers only.


I get my $35 for the iclicker because Nerissa's letting me borrow hers... mwahahaha!
They freaking fool you in thinking you can't sell it to someone else after you're done with it, BUT YOU CAN YOU LIARS! And HA you just lost 35 bucks from me. :)


I actually finished my reading and wrote notes for cct200... WOOOOW.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

no mes al aire

Y yo
No tengo armas para enfrentarte
Pongo mis manos, manos al aire
Sólo me importa amarte
En cuerpo y alma como era ayer

wow kanye west

you're a fucking dick.
taylor swift is awesome.
so is beyonce.
but taylor won.
get over it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ahhh :(

I had to drop cct210 because it was conflicting with my fah105...
This is stupid. I have to have fah105 to get into my program but i need cct210 for my courses next year because most of those courses has it as a prerequisite....

elf fail fixed

As i said on my last elf haul post, they didn't send me the mineral eyeshadow primer so it finally came in the mail and it's AMAZING. It really makes a vibrant difference and it's $3 compared to the $30ish.

(top-bottom: elf primer, no primer, too faced shadow insurance, urban decay primer)

TFSI is more of the colour you see on the eyeshadow pot/pan but elf primer makes it pop out more... UD is kinda like meh.... lol


I GOT THESE FREE (well not really it was included in my incidental fees... like 131.74 with taxes... retail value of all of these is 2766!!):
  • Adobe InDesign® CS4
  • Photoshop® CS4 Extended
  • Illustrator® CS4
  • Acrobat® 9 Pro
  • Flash® CS4 Professional
  • Dreamweaver® CS4
  • Fireworks® CS4
  • Contribute® CS4
  • After Effects® CS4
  • Adobe Premiere® Pro CS4
  • Soundbooth® CS4
  • Adobe OnLocation™ CS4
  • Encore® CS4

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st day back to school

summary time:

  • took the 1035 bus to sq1 then 1103 bus to utm which is a bit early because my sheridan shuttle bus doesnt come until 12:22... but i wanted to know where the other bus stop was because the one where all the sauga buses drop off are always crowded... so i found it as soon as i got there and had about more than half an hour to kill...
  • utm to sheridan takes about half an hour... ew
  • sheridan oakville campus is a huge campus! The architecture is crazy weird though. Imagine building randomly placed everywhere haha.
  • My prof ('Littlejohn' - "lil jon" hahaha) spent a good hour talking about google... lol...
  • I find it kind of interesting actually...
  • Funny story about Harvey's... too long though...
  • I just don't like how she made us have a tutorial on the first week... >.<
  • Obviously I didn't go
  • But karma's a bitch... the first bus going back to utm is at 530... waited for that one... First bus got full... then the second... waited for the next one for more than half an hour... I could've totally gone to my tutorial.. lol... bitch.
  • I honestly thought I'd be a loner in all my classes but I guess not :D Jaimee has some friends hehehe.

ps. I was gonna retake art history but I think I might drop it because I have a conflict with my cct210... :( Should I? I can take it summer school?

chocolate danish

lol im eating it to pass the time...
im gonna be fat friggg


im at school a half hour early...
my bus going to sheridan doesnt come for another half hour ish...

bad jaimeeee!

go to sleep
you gotta wake up at 9
its past 2!!!
but heey i actually did half of that reading :)
no social life for you for now.
im talking to myself how sad
and sorry mike internet lagged and disconnected... now you wont pick up your phone you sleepyhead -.- <3
night night

is it really nerdy to...

be doing some course reading already? when school doesn't start for another 12 hours for me... lol... :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

everybody's changing

cellphone fail x2

I went to Stepps during my first break and when I was on my second break I realize phone's missing FML. I was on my 2nd break with Mike and we were both freaking out lol... We decided to go to Stepps and check if I left it there... WHICH I DID WTF. Then when I got out after my shift... I realize it's not in my purse AGAIN... I freaking left it on the cash desk hahaha....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

new shoes D:

Stepps was having a 3 for 1 sale so I said to myself why not? lol I desperately needed new shoes anyway... my other flats have been so overworn at work and yeah.. So I got all 3 for a $100... -.- I thought i'd be paying around 80 something but good ol' me picks one that's 109.99... but they're so cute and comfy!!!

These ones look cute and I love my flats but this one had a sturdier material I think...

This one's super flat and the material's really thin so it's nice if I'm not gonna do a lot of walking lol...

This was the most expensive one so it's the price I paid... so I am officially broke now. :( Like REALLY

Saturday, September 5, 2009

23 crystals :)

I actually received my order yesterday but I was too lazy to camwhore them out buuut yeah. My mom being the nosy mom she is, opened it while I was at work so I came home with the package opened. Like frigg I barely get any mail and the ones I do get I don't get to open. :( (Is it me or don't you feel special when you have mail other than your bills? lol) This was the Bella's Sorrow one but I changed the colours because I love my pink :) And the pegasus crystal is in silver shade and it's a shiny clear crystal with a hint of black. It actually changes colour depending on the lighting and stuff... It was purple today because I was wearing pink? Lol... i dunno but I love it! Lovelovelove! They're the sweetest girls too. My order came with a Mashimaro stationery note from them and Mickey Mouse earrings in PINK! Thank you thank you! :D Check them out http://23crystals.blogspot.com/ Pictures are right below. (I can't get rid of that shadow and I've tried zillions of angles too... blahhh.)

Friday, September 4, 2009


We've had sooo many plans of hanging out and going places and none of those actually pulled through... This one was kind of planned a couple of days ago and we actually went (although some people didn't because of schedule conflicts, some just never got back to us thaaaaaanks!). I didn't really do much this summer and it is a longer summer because I finished end of April so my summer was from May to start of September. That's 4 months! And I have done pretty much nothing. One birthday dinner, babysit, and work work work and guess what? I have no money left hahahaha. I'm so awesome that way. That's so sad... wtf did I buy?!? (Besides Mike's awesome EARLY birthday present.) [LOL Rheena as you can tell, I have no patience with gifts. If you have one for me ready, give it to me already don't make me wait OR if I have a gift for you, I have to give it right away hehe.] But really, I eat too much fast food. And I just added another product to my HG list. It's the lush porridge soap which is $6 per 100g. I got one worth about $9 and that lasted me a bit more than 3 weeks compared to $1 for a pack of 4 Ivory soap bars (on sale @ No Frills last time I was there.) Anyway this is sooo off topic now wtf.
We actually left pretty early in the morning at about 830 to go to UTM to pick up our upass and my osap. So I went to osap first and they tell me I need to add a half credit for next sem because I don't have enough to be considered a full time student. Like honestly, I wouldn't have this problem if stupid UTM had an option of taking it either winter or spring semester but OBVIOUSLY they don't. So I was like FML, all other courses are full... except CCT209 which I added before but dropped because I thought I didn't need it and sounds boring anyway. So I guess I'm stuck taking it now greaaaat. At least I fixed that problem... then upass was no problem getting (this time around.. LOL @ last year). Then we finally headed to the subway to go to Korean Grill. We get there and I guess they renovated it because it looks completely different from the last time I was there and I've been to that KG more than 10 times lol but not in the past year ever since my dad works night shifts. We took our sweet time of course because it is an all you can eat. We're asian and we want to get the fullest satisfaction we can get loool. I surprisingly didn't eat that much, but then again messed up eating habits remember? (I just finished eating milk and cookies 10 minutes ago...). We finally finished and I was anticipating on going to XXI and with my luck, of course they'd be crazy busy. And I HATE shopping when it's that busy. You can get everything in that store online anyway, no headaches or lineups too. I find Toronto a bit too crazy for me. Their lifestyle is too rushed, it seems like they don't live life to the fullest anymore. It's all "I gotta do this fast so I can do that..." I'm a girl who likes to take her time but hates waiting at the same time. Of course I make sense ;) I actually ended up not buying anything :O Shocking I know! Everyone decided to go home anyway and my dad was expecting me back at 4ish and I got home at 530... whopeedooever.
PS. I'm trying to get the pictures on FB but it's not letting me upload them all at the moment...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

another elf haul loool

I'm sorryyyyyyyy Jaimee!!!
So I ordered more from eyeslipsface.com and just got my stuff in the mail today. This is by no means bragging of what I bought but for those of you out there who want to know about elf products or those of you who buy overpriced products from other brands such as Mac (ahem Rheena :P) can find out that you can get high quality products for so much cheaper. (umm I dont even know if that sentence made sense hahaha). And since I'm a loser with no life (Mike's at GI practice... -.-) I took pictures of swatches of some of them.
These are the the lip products swatches on my arm:

(L-R: Plumping Lip Glaze Ruby Kiss, Plumping Lip Glaze Baby Doll, Plumping Lip Glaze Mocha Ice, Luscious Liquid Lipstick Brownie Points, Hypershine Gloss Fairy, Hypershine Gloss Vixen, Super Glossy Lip Shine Angel)

Hypershine Gloss Fairy ($1)

Hypershine Gloss Vixen ($1)

Moisture Care Lip Color Brownie Points ($1)

Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 Angel ($1)

Plumping Lip Glaze Mocha Ice ($1)

Plumping Lip Glaze Ruby Kiss ($1)

Plumping Lip Glaze Baby Doll ($1)

So my overall opinion on these new lippies are that they are all good for glosses especially the more neutral colours. I like the red ones because they actually show up on my lips while the rest just give my lips shine. The plumping lip glaze formula smells horrible (supposed to smell minty) and doesn't plump (or at least I don't notice it...). When I put it on, it's like putting a mint chapstick on it or something. The luscious liquid lipstick has the same bad smell as the plumping one. I LOVE the smell of the Hypershine glosses though. It really does smell like cotton candy!!! :D As for the Super glossy lip shine, I have 3 in other colours and the smell is okay. It's described as grape vanilla, which it does. Also, they are a bit sticky... but I guess you get your dollar's worth lol.

Eye Shadow Brush ($1)
I obviously had to get another one of this because I love it! It's great for packing on eyeshadow and you obviously can't beat the price! But my new one is longer than the my other one and the bristles are a bit pointier in the middle (i don't mean sharp but the shape of it if that makes sense... )

Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance ($1)
This is an AWESOME highlighter. No chunks of glitter and gives great results yayyy

Concealer pencil and brush in fair ($3)
The formula on this really does cover. But it comes with this stupid sharpener cover on it and stupid me tried it and it made it so dirty. Do not use that sharpener if you want to keep it clean..

Studio Complexion Brush ($3)
The studio brushes are AMAZINGLY soft. The $1 total face brush is a lot bigger than this though but I use this to highlight above my cheekbones.

Studio Powder Brush ($3)
I've heard from Connie that this is good for stippling on foundation. I tried today and she is right! I can stipple all day because this feels so nice on my face!! LOL

Studio Contour Brush ($3)
I was expecting this to be a bit smaller than the $1 one but the $1 is a bit softer which makes it a bit harder to pack on colour.

Studio Blush Brush ($3)
I was expecting this to be a bit bigger for some reason... Like my cheeks aren't big and this seems to be a bit small for my cheeks. I hated the $1 one because it feels prickly and barely picks up any product.

Mineral Booster Large-Sheer ($8)
I had to get another one of this because I'm halfway done mine. This is a great finishing powder and the first mineral powder that does not break me out... I'm still scared to try mineral makeup though ever since my experience with Everyday minerals..

Mineral Eyeshadow Primer in Sheer ($3)
Holy begeez they didn't have this in my package and I was super annoyed. At least they have good customer service where I got someone to fix it right away.

PS. They sent me this clarifying pressed powder in tone 1 which I didn't order.. I guess they mistakenly put this one in instead of the primer.. haha oh well sucks for them. :) This pressed powder is supposed to blot oil and I guess it works?
PPS. Keep in mind that I just got these today looool. And yes I washed the brushes before using them. Do NOT ever use brushes without washing them first, no matter where you bought them from (elf, sephora, mac etc).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

wtf burger king
i went there with mike and his mom last friday and we got these papers with a code on them where you can win tickets on mapleleafs.com.. i check the back and read the tiny print and it says deadline on aug 31. like honestly really? that's no fair!! i had no time to do it (and i was too lazy... fuck you too :( )
also bad sleeping habits = bad eating habits
im fucking hungry right now hahaha!


i really ought to change my sleeping habits ahhhh :(
btw i just recently found this cereal called french toast crunch. i hate cinnamon but i like this. and apparently it's not new according to mike lol.. too bad for me it is :)
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