Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Someone shoot me. Why do we have to read so damn much? It's only been four weeks and I'm sooo behind. So much for reading ahead. Well at least good news. I have no exam on the 19th (day of my party). YAAAY! Other than that, there's really nothing much to smile about.
PS. I need to find at least ONE person to watch the midnight opening of Twilight with me... anyone?? :( Lol, I'd go even if I was alone though... saaad.

i hate this part right here...

I need to stop falling when I know there is nobody there to catch me...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

i'm done ♥

I wasn’t looking for this
What is this?
I don’t know
You know I was doing just fine
By myself
On my own
Tell me how to
Stop these feelings

I don’t wanna fall in love
Just wanna have a little fun
Then you came and swept me up
And now I’m done, so done
Fallen madly deeply
I Surprised myself enough to find
That what’s began
Is love
And now I’m done, so done
I’m done

I can’t imagine right now
Standing here
Without you
To think that I tried to ignore
What I felt
What I knew
I could never
Stop these feelings

I don’t wanna fall in love
Just wanna have a little fun
Then you came and swept me up
And now I’m done, so done
Fallen madly deeply
I Surprised myself enough to find
That what’s began
Is love
And now I’m done, so done
I’m done

Thank you for not letting go
When I said let me go
Thank you for timing
Thank your finding
Thank you for not believing me
Baby when I said

I don’t wanna fall in love
Just wanna have a little fun
Then you came and swept me up
And now I’m done, so done
Fallen madly deeply
I Surprised myself enough to find
That what’s began
Is love
And now I’m done, so done
I’m done

I wasn’t looking for this
And now I’m done
I’m done

Saturday, September 27, 2008

one word...


Friday, September 26, 2008


Ughhh another lecture for art history soon. Someone shoot me! :(
I'm not in a good mood, leave me alone.
Im just not having a good day right now. Well yeah it just started and it hasnt at all been good. Maybe I need to stop listening to these emo songs. It's affecting my mood lol. If I bitch at you it's not my fault I swear.
Breakfast: Booster Juice
Lunch: " "
Dinner: who knows.
I got work 5 to 10 today. Fuuun. I need a day off honestly! I can't wait for tomorrow, to chill with la biffle Rheena. Her birthday on sunday yo. Greet her or I kill u. :)


I'm annoyed.
I fell asleep at 12ish and woke up at 2.
Way to ruin my sleep now im frustrated.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

hot dayummm

so im in this room called the study room waiting for my class to start which is at 2. im such a loner guy. am i really that fugly? geez :P
i really wanna go home now. like im learning more at home. since im on my laptop and i just go on msn or fb instaed of paying attention to my prof. and at home i actually read (sometimes) and i get more out of that. AHHH. but oh well i guess i'll just go so i dont have to be home.
things i still need to do:

  • print out invitation
  • finalize the guest list
  • pay for the centerpieces & etc.
  • find out how i can pay for my tuition since my lame brother is useless
  • go to the gym... seriously!
  • catch up on my @#%^ing readings
  • go to ROM
  • start on CCT assignment due on oct something.
  • sleep more

this is me reading...

well since im so darn insomniatic, i attempt to read what i'm supposed to read.
but yuuuup you guessed it, i'm not.
oh random thing. i love phone calls in the middle of the night <3 lol and i am so not a phone person. yeahhh i'm weird.
haha so there was this lady in school today. she tied herself up to a pole and stood there to give out free hugs. and lorie waited for her to tie herself then give her a hug. HAHA (see i mentioned you lorie.) oh geez wednesday is like the day i get all my stress out by laughing; with the assitance of le charlie et le "lohrie" <- (pathetic attempt at french accent). these two girls can make a tree laugh. seriously. imagine me.

i was running on pizza and booster juice all day and maaaaan. i was actually okay. kinda hungry but like not grumbling-stomach hungry. and it is decided that my anthro prof looks like al pacino; NOT sylvester stallone or whatever that guy's name is from america's sweethearst with the small penis. LMFAO.
art history's as boring as it always is. she needs to like have a drink before class or something. so she's not like barely hear-able. (is that even a word?)

im gonna go back to my reading now... (or try to.) "later days!" (OH EM GEE the weekenders! <3)
ps. i HATE spiders. dont wanna kill them but dont wanna see them... EVER.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

today's gonna be... fun?

Most probably not.
12-1 : art history lecture (KILL ME)
1-4 : BREAK. (imma catch up on my readings, BOOSTER JUICE)
4-5 : anthro lecture
5-6 : break. (dont know. im prob gonna be a loner and wait in the hallway)
6-8 : psych lecture (no internet in that room... first hour, the guy talks about something unrelated to psych, 2nd hour we actually learn something)
ahhh. :(
i need to make more friends dammit!
like ppl need to chill, randomly stop and say hi to ME! i dont bite... (strangers lawl)

other plans this week:
school, 5-10 work on fri
go downtown on saturday to visit ROM for art history project with my mom, sis, and bro. then hopefully rheena's birthday dinner at KG. (yn) YO NERISSA AND JAES U GUYS BETTER COME!!!
sunday? not sure. i probably have work all day again. hopefully at least. since i already dont have work on sat because they are cutting hours wtf. i work 2 days only this week. i am annoyed!!! but i guess more free time for me.. well ish.

and lol @ me finally finishing the design for my invites and finding out i had stupid spelling mistakes. GEEZ eigHteenth. wow and i swear i hav spelling OCD. thanks robert for pointing that out. now all i have to do is print them and give them out. ooh and i started planning out the tables. OMG it is NOT easy. i am about to lose my mind (!)

ps. looks like i am gonna have an escort on my debut :) thanks david.
pps. quote-to-smile-about today: "u have a nice smile u shud smile more" :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

things to do... seriously!

i am not one to write lists but i have so much i still need to do that i just have to write them down somewhere!

  • Catch up on my readings
  • Print out my invitations for my debut.
  • Find a way to give it out to to my guests.
  • Finish ROM project for FAH
  • Go to FAH Grammar.
  • Sign up for an experiment for Psych.
  • Purchase centerpiece items online.
  • Buy myself a new winter jacket and boots!!!
  • Stop buying more than $5 worth of drinks per day!

Friday, September 19, 2008


total boredom
random pictures with captions.

"you get her suicidal"

but mind u life's really not that bad. it cant always be one bad thing after the other. you ALWAYS have a choice. life is meant to be lived. right?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

true friends?

Add a little distance and all of a sudden it's like you dont even have time to say hi. I ask how school is you never seem to answer... Well I give up. So the next time you "feel like" telling me, I don't care anymore k? I ask for one day to celebrate my birthday with you but you can't even give that. I've planned this since God knows when. Thanks for not being there. Oh and the next time you have an excuse for not making it to my birthday, make sure you keep your reason STRAIGHT. Dont tell another reason to someone else cuz I will find out especially she's one of my closest friends you idiot. But then again, there wont be a next time for you my friend... or I thought you were for a long time.

It just bothers me that I can't even have a day in your life anymore. I'm not being a drama queen I understand I guess if ever you are telling the truth. But buddy, "dont you ever for a second think you're irreplaceable." Believe me, I'll have one hell of a good time; not for you but for myself!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


my prof for art history is SERIOUSLY boring
and monotone
and too breathy

Monday, September 15, 2008

i gotta catch up

I've been assigned so much reading on the first week.
I still havent finished ahhh!

Friday, September 12, 2008

first week of university: accomplished!`

It was alright I guess. Friends are kinda hard to make when youre too busy trying to get down the notes. But I guess it was only the first week.

PS. I am gonna fail art history haha! My prof is soooo boring and monotone.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

an improvement... kind of.

My friend Jackie eventually showed up in that class so I wasnt lonely anymore! =] But um.. fine arts history? i know NOTHING about art history. I kinda have to be in it though cuz it's a prereq for VCC specialist. >.< I don't see why though but whatevz. It's not my fault my artistic eye is blind. LOL.

I'm FREAKIN exhausted. I woke up bright and early (at 8.. that's early for me considering my class was at 12) so I can pick up my OSAP documents. But I have to do the same thing tomorrow because my LAME brother told me I didn't need my bank info and it turned out i did and his excuse was 'I forgot.' Perfect! Thanks for wasting my time bro! My classes are actually very interesting. Good news: I haven't fallen asleep yet! :O Shocking I know! I almost did though in the first half hour of Psych. I was at school for about 7 hours by then so that's why. It's not because I'm a lazy bum.. k maybe I am but still. My prof just kinda kept talking about really unnecessary stuff like what his Masters are and etc. I hate how the first day of class always start with the profs putting up a presentation explaining everything that could be found on the syllabus that is online. We can read that in our own time thanks. At least my anthro prof is reasonable. We started right away! I like i like. My anthro prof kinda looks like Robert De Niro too. Haha.

So another cct class in that big ass auditorium for an hour where I don't know anybody. It's really not so fun to be in that class.

On a happier note, my best best best friend Nerissa (loser) has Women Studies with me. Yes we have A CLASS together. Better than nothing. =D Since she DITCHED me yesterday. Had me waiting in front of the libary for so damn long so she owed me BIG TIME. So she stayed til 8 today for me! :) Her class ended at 4. Lol I love her so much man.

...another quite lonely class

So here I am waiting in this BIG auditorium again...
waiting for class to start...
in about 10 mins...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

jaimee is sad...

And a loner...
Having 500 people around you and knowing not one of them is... there's not even a word for it. Horribler than horrible. Sadder than sad. Lonelier than lonely.
Most of the people look like slackers too.
I'm really not liking that class at the moment and I have it again on Thursday.

Monday, September 8, 2008

my first day... AGAIN

So going through the feeling of knowing nobody and being in a different atmosphere AGAIN is totally heartbreaking. Like yeah I'm not the only one, but seeing a lot of people that knows someone else is kind of annoying to see. It's not like I absolutely don't know anyone. I do. A lot of "Caboteers" and "others" are actually at UTM, but most of them are in either Life Sciences or Commerce. I am the ONLY one in CCIT. Yeahyeahyeah I'll meet new people and make new friends in the near future (I hope.). But for now, I guess I'm gonna have to be strong and don't let this get to me too much. "Just believe... things can only get better."

I realized how much I really dislike crowds. I feel so suffocated and paranoid! I guess I just got used to Cabot being so small, where you know everyone by first AND last name. I miss high school. The freedom in university is better though. I didn't actually sleep in class! Well I had one class from 4 to 5 which was Anthropology. As long as the topics stay interesting, I should be okay. I knew ONE person out of what... 200-300? I didn't even know he was in my class until he came to wait to get in class. Oh geez, all I'm asking for is ONE familiar face and I'm good. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let my other classes have at least one person. I'm gonna keep both fingers crossed and until then, I'm just gonna keep waiting aimlessly...

today's the day...

like EVER.
anthro class 4 to 5...
i know... NADA!
gahhh :(
aw well.
i still dont have my books.
i hate being lack-of-money-er.
im not poor though LOL.
you know im nervous when i start typing like this...
random thoughts
damn it i need to pick up my osap documents.
that means waking up earlier and get info from the bank and ahhhh!
seriously ITS TODAY!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

So like...

School starts in 2 FREAKIN days for me.


And I don't even have my books yet because I don't have the money until the 12th. So... I'm pretty much LE screwed. :)

My courses this year:

Well I used to be more excited than scared to start university. But I've realized I really can't screw it up now. I need to stay focused and that means no distractions PLEASE. Right now, I really don't have a distraction. No offense though, UTM does not have any sources of distraction anyway. So 's all good. But seriously... >.<

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adventures of BCJ (hey look its alphabetical!)

Today was better than most days I guess. My two favourite twins came to visit me. Belle called and came in "15 minutes... no half an hour... 15 minutes!" Lol k so they came 20 minutes after we hung up because they actually went to Rabba (one of the only stores open because it's Labor Day) and there was a line up just to buy a bottle of Sprite. Haha! We decided to drive to Mcdee's. We got there and a bunch of 8ers were there and I've never felt soooo old. :/ It was kind of scary but I blend in well with my height! =] But yeah the only thing I really eat from there is their snack wrap and fries. On our drive home we wanted to see Jan but she wasn't picking up. We had a map and figured we'll find it. We gave up after almost getting lost. Bahahaha. We went back to my house to eat. And for some odd reason I tend to spill my drinks especially when they're there. So weird. Last time the bottle exploded this time I was just reaching for my cup and it fell. It's not my fault I'm clumsy I swear!! >.< So after cleaning all that sticky mess (yes it was very sticky because I'm smart enough to step on it... again.), we argued on what we should do. Chelle voted Golden Compass, Belle wasn't so excited about that though. After 10 minutes of the movie, I kind of got bored and so we stopped the movie and played the Wii instead. So the Wii wheel for Mario Kart is impossible to use! "Why are we always last place?" "IM FIRST IM FIRST IM FIRST" Hahaha. Ily guys.

PS. Kristine sucks for "folding". Hehe I'm joking mannn! ♥

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mmm tacos

So random conversation with Jaesel. The topic was Chantelle's present then it somehow got into tacos. It's kind of an inside joke so you really might think it's stupid. My mom always makes tacos for my birthday party. Like ALWAYS (except last year cuz we went to Boston Pizza instead but still...). It just made me remember of all the good times and memories. Here's some of them:

  • The Others scaring the CRAP out of nerissa.
  • Me and Jaesel scaring the CRAP out of nerissa during the movie which led to a permanent taco stain at my old house.
  • Don't take the ****ing wrong turn! Geez that actually did scare me. I am never going on an unplanned roadtrip.
  • Cake fight!!!
  • "Breakfast time!" What was the name of that movie again?
  • Jaesel coming very late; as in everyone left late haha! Then taking a picture of her with clown hair. I wonder where that picture is. >.<
  • David being a complete perv on my couch. Ha that sounds SO wrong. It's nothing dirty I swear. You had to be there to know what I'm not lying.
  • Lol the cherry with Rio!
  • Nik ft. Nerissa and Jaimee in the bathrooom -> This is actually his dream.

There's many many more! I just have a really bad memory. If you can remember any let me know. Ahh my birthday this year is gonna be SICK. Jaesel please don't forget the tacos :P Hehe.

PS. I still don't have my books. AHH! Panic attack x_x. Exactly 7 more days. Oh dear oh dear...

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