Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Midterms dunzooo!

I had two this week and they are finally done. That means stressing out on other projects coming up. This blog is becoming neglected, and it's not you it's me, I swear. Haha. I've just been so lazy and unmotivated and I got nothing to blog about anyway. And I hate York for having reading week this week... I wish we had it too. It would totally be helpful! I've been going to the library more often and I love the freeness of it lol. Currently having a marathon of Buffy 7th season. I'm so behind in Glee too... But my fridays have been fun. :) I love you cool kids + vivien + jaesel + graham + mike esp for giving me something to do for these past fridays. Now what is there to do this Friday... help! Also keep in mind that I am broke. :D


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