Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 6 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

  1. I love Harry Potter
  2. I have 26 letters in my full name.
  3. I don't like water or pop.
  4. I hate being late and people who are always late.
  5. I've never owned a pet (tamagochis obv dont count).
  6. I love math and it actually makes sense to me but I chose to not to make a career out of it just to keep my sanity or whatever is left of it.
  7. Jasmine is my baby sister and we have a 17 year gap.
  8. I am a shopaholic. Clothes, makeup, soap, food.... :)
  9. If I have to think about things to talk to you about, you are def not one of my good friends.
  10. I have a high tolerance for alcohol. However, I do talk nonstop when I am under the influence.
  11. I hate my body and my skin.
  12. I eat practically every hour.
  13. I have about 40 or more stuffed toys sleeping with me on my bed
  14. My favourite animal is a panda.
  15. My favourite colour is pink.
  16. I have two drawers full of nail polish.
  17. I have 3 dressers full of lipstick and lipglosses.
  18. I have 6 different foundation, about 10 different blushes.
  19. I once splurged $200 at MAC for a complete eyeshadow palette.
  20. I have spent $90 on a moisturizer.
  21. I never really believed in Santa. I pretended to just to to get the presents.
  22. I am an evil child. I got most of my maids fired in the Philippines because they were scary. One got fired because she coloured in my colouring book and another looked like a witch.
  23. I have a really bad addiction to BBT.
  24. The first time I watched A walk to remember, I was laughing my ass off during the entire movie. (Now I cry every time I see it)
  25. I hate scary movies. I found Jumanji scary!
  26. I love to sing but I think I suck.
  27. My drink at Starbucks is Iced Caramel Macchiatto with extra extra extra caramel.
  28. I love Wednesdays at BR because of my caramel pudding bbt :)
  29. I would love to have all of my appliances as Hello Kitty.
  30. Daniel Radcliffe is my husband but he just doesn't know it yet. ;)


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