Monday, June 22, 2009

e.l.f. haul!

These were the stuff I bought from E.L.F. (my comments are in brackets):

  • Blending Eye Brush (I haven't really used this that much yet so no comments right now)
  • Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush (really soft, but when I try to blend the color stick with this, it sheds hair. However, I tried another brush and it did the same... :S)
  • Concealer Brush (I personally find the bristles are really small and if I'm in a hurry, this will not do. But if I do have the time, it works great.)
  • Defining Eye Brush (same with the Blending Brush)
  • Eye Shadow Brush (I LOVE this brush. It's so soft, and I don't know if it's just me but the colours seem to be more pigmented when I use this brush compared to my old brush/the brush that came with the e/s.)
  • Fan Brush (It looks so cute and it's SO soft. They only had the fan brush from the Studio Line so I was forced to pay 3 bucks for this compared to the dollar I paid for the rest of these brushes... -.-)
  • Foundation Brush (This is AMAZING. It's actually the first foundation brush I've purchased so I really don't have anything to compare it to. But this works well for me so...)
  • Smudge Eye Brush (I still haven't tried this as well. I haven't really tried smudging makeup for effect yet and so yeah... I will try eventually!)
  • Total Face Brush (I feel like I can brush my face forever with this. It's uber soft and yeah! I use this for the Mineral Booster and it's great!)

  • Eyelash Curler (I have gone through so many curlers before, and most of them are about 5-10 bucks. This is for a dollar and works better than any of the ones I've purchased before. Obviously I will stock myself up with these (just for hygienic purposes, I never use a curler for more than 6 months or so.)

    Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 (these stuff really do smell like Grape!):
  • Goddess (This is my favourite out of the three I got. Most of my makeup don't have SPF and I know I ought to wear SPF so I won't get skin cancer. At least now my lips are safe. xD)
  • Malt Shake (I expected this to be more of a nude colour but this is more red than anything. It's still a nice shade though but yeah... The picture online is totally different from this.)
  • Pink Kiss (This is more of a frost pink and it looks nice on top of my Rimmel Pink Champagne 006.)

    Mineral Booster:
  • Large-Sheer (This apparently makes "the ultimate, translucent 'photo finishing touch' to your makeup." I haven't really taken pictures or videos so I don't know about that. However, it does make my skin silkier and smoother YAY. Also, I love mineral stuff just because it's like food for my skin :D)

    All Over Color Stick (Nice orangey smell :D)
  • Light Beige (A nice light shade. It's great for highlighting. It's also almost the same shade as my concealer so maybe I can use this a concealer since it is the same consistency of a stick concealer.)
  • Persimmon (This is more of a pinky bronze colour and I think this is my fave out of all of them.)
  • Pink Lemonade (I have to be careful with this one because if I put too much, my cheeks become so red and takes a while to blend it out because it is very creamy.)

    Studio Eyebrow Kit:
  • medium (I never really cared much about eyebrows until I recently noticed how in the Youtube videos I watch about makeup, they always do put makeup on their brows and I thought why not. And what a difference it made. This shade is the perfect match for my brows but I have to be careful not to put too much or it'll be way too dark. I obviously have never tried other brands for brow kits but I think this one is good.)

    False Eyelashes:
  • Natural Lash Kit (I tried this on and I feel it's almost the same length as my lashes (when curled duh) so it doesn't make that much difference except there's more hair haha. I might get the dramatic ones next time that I can use for special occasions because lashes do make a big impact on your overall makeup. Also, I've read on MUA that the glue sucks so I didn't even bother trying it (I used the leftover I had from my MUF one [which was like 20 bucks for false eyelashes WTH.)

    Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder:
  • Sun Kissed (It will turn orange if you put too much but this is perfect for summer for that "Sun Kissed" look, hence the name. I've been using this more than warm tan since it is summer now.)
  • Warm Tan (I haven't used this as much but I just swatched it right now and it's a really nice bronze colour.)

Overall, I am more than satisfied with these products, except maybe I shouldn't have gotten some of the brushes because I have a feeling they won't be used so much. This would have been REALLY REALLY cheap if not for shipping (which was like 15 bucks -.-). But it's still cheap compared to most makeup you can buy at Sephora, Mac, even drugstores. If it's crap, it's not like you paid 20 for it. 1$ will make you feel less guilty about it :P


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