Friday, March 19, 2010

a petting zoo in the mall?

Yep you heard me... Me and mike were on our way to buy Mcd's before our Oakville bus to Sheridan arrives, and BAM there was a freaking petting zoo at South common! haha. My first time seeing a kangaroo... and "zoboomafoo.. wait what animal is he?" oh yeah we bumped into cj and he said it was a lemur xD

and i guess i should say rip to mikes favourite dj. he texts me about it and i was like the who???

"mike... mike... does that mean your parents... your kuya...?"
"idk want me to ask?"
"hey mom... did you...?"
mike thinks im giving him a *im gonna kill you on the spot look*
but it was more like a *i will chop you into pieces if u say one more word look*


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