Friday, March 19, 2010

What I'm using right now Tag!!


Shampoo - Head and shoulders or this lush shampoo bar i forget the name its the red one!

Conditioner - its some argon oil one i forgot the name too lol

Hair Mask - the conditioner im using is actually a mask too

Styling Products - the same brand as my conditioner.. its this oil thing... also milk_shake leave-in conditioner


Body Wash - lush snow fairy

Body Moisturizer - victoria secret.. i always change up... either purple/green/pink

Anti Perspirent - nivea

Fake Tan - lol like i need it... or want it..


Makeup Remover - vaseline

Cleanser - lush babyface or honey soap

Exfoliator - lush dark angels

Mask - i dont use any


Primer - none. but if i had to, id use MUFE

Foundation - Revlon Photoready in Medium Beige (kinda too light on my skin so i bronze to darken) or rich ginger (too dark lol..)

Concealer - covergirl (the blue capped one)

Powder - revlon colorstay... maybelline dream matte mousse powder (makes me really oily after though...)

Blush - nars orgasm/mata hari or NYC (i forget the names) or MAC vintage grape or MAC joie de vivre

Bronzer - MAC Medium Deep MSF or NYC bronzer

Highlighter - elf in luminance

Eyebase - Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Eyeshadow - whatever matches my outfit... for neutrals, maybelline quads in either chai latte or natural smokes

Eyeliner - MAC blacktrack

Curler - i dont remember the brand but i know i need to replace it... i like ELF ones

Mascara - Covergirl's Lash Blast waterproof or Rimmel Glam'eyes

Lipstick - MAC Viva Glam Gaga or MAC Snob or NYX Circe

Gloss - MAC silly girl or beaute or pinkarat

Nail Varnish - i change it up every other day almost.. right now i have LA colours in this teal shade with LA colours nail art black with glitters on tip for my fingernails.. and OPI Do you lilac it on my toes

Ok soooo I tag you now :) Yes you. You better do it. <3


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