Sunday, September 5, 2010

School starts in 2 days...

I've always really loved school ever since my first day of school. My parents keep telling me the story of how I disappeared from my house on my first day of school. I was in the afternoon nursery class and I apparently rode the school bus with my older brother who had class in the morning. How they didn't notice me getting ready and leaving is beyond me. But I like this story because I know I would do that. However, ever since university started, I dread school more and more. Maybe it's because I've become so introvert. I feel that it's hard to make friends with other people in school and become really close with them because they already have friends like that. I dunno... maybe it's just me? Anyway, I got bored and as usual I can't fall asleep. I finally finished Hi My Sweetheart (Taiwanese show) and had nothing to watch because I'm already up to date with Jersey Shore. So I checked online to see if my courses are finally listed on my portal and hey CCT210 was. It's a course for Semiotics and the professor already put up the syllabus and it's 8 pages long. I've seen 5 but seriously... EIGHT whopping pages which mostly talks about the university's policy on plagiarism blah blah blah. Also, I have a reading that I have to finish before I go into my class on Wednesday. She also put up EXTRA optional readings... as if I had enough time to even do my REQUIRED readings haha. Ok I'm done ranting. I haven't updated much again because I feel like I have nothing interesting to say. xD

The last couple of weeks of summer were definitely better than the first few months. These are some pictures from Wednesday when me, Mike, Belle, Gerene, and Kristine went downtown to eat Korean Grill (then Marble Slab which I LOVE btw).

Stolen shot creds: Belle
My braceface ♥

This is when all the damage was done. Gerene was super annoyed because they kept forgetting to refill her Ginger ale.

I recently bought most of the Sanrio collection from Build-a-bear. All I'm missing is Chococat which I'm planning to get on Friday, and hopefully it's still in stock (YN).
Me and Mike's babies lol

Ooh before I forget, I recommed Katy Perry's new album Teenage Dream. Not only is it cotton candy scented, but also has very good songs. My faves: TGIF, Firework, The One that Got Away, Pearl, Not like the movies, Teenage Dream. And I'm sorry to admit that Bieber fever have converted me completely. His songs are LOVE. :)


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