Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I need to really stop...

Mike and I went to go to my school to pick up my sign in number for OSAP because they changed the stupid sign in thing. We meant to leave early, as in I was planning to be there by 9. But, things came up and didn't leave until 12:30. So before I left, I ended up getting sucked into eBay shopping again and I bought some artificial nails, artificial nail cutter/clipper, rhinestones, and nail glue. Then, we ended up going to Square One because really, where else can we go? We ate some Toonie Tuesday KFC and popcorn chicken, bumped into Melissa <3, bought 2 belts and 2 necklaces from Ardenes, wasted time at Dollarama and ended up finding a Sally Hansen foundation ($2!!) and a Sally Hansen cream blush. I read in someone's blog (can't remember who) that she found this in Dollarama, and I doubted that it would be in my dollarama, but hey it was. There wasn't much left though, but I just tried it right now and the pigmentation of the foundation is good, and it feels like I don't need to set it with powder. I can't really test how long it lasts because I'm not going anywhere or do anything else today. Also, I'm in love with the blush. I got this peachy colour called Sunrise and it also sets like a powder blush. Hopefully, the next time I go there, they have more. I will do a proper review of this some other time but my point in this post is that I need to STOP shopping. SERIOUSLY.


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