Saturday, June 26, 2010

New hair colour.. sorta

I tried to dye my hair on my own a couple days ago and it didn't go as well as I planned. I never actually had a full-head colouring done to my hair so I didn't know how much I should apply so I didn't use that much, only enough to cover all areas but here's how it turned out:

My face was not blog-ready so this is all you're getting lol. Anyway, I was going for a chocolate/chestnut colour so I used L'Oreal Excellence Creme in Light Brown.

It's a bit redder than what I wanted. I want that colour on the box!! And yes i know that it never turns out that way but still!! >.

 I also got the Hello Kitty lipsticks I bought from Jen's blog sale. I kinda went crazy online shopping recently, well not really that bad in money amount total. Some ebay sellers are stupid and don't package everything together but sends it all separetely. What a waste of time I think. The nail stuff I bought all came on a different day even if it's from the same ebay seller. Anyway, I totally forgot about waiting for the HK lippies and I was so surprised and happy when I opened to see that it was them in the lovely package. Also, Jen was kind enough to send a sample of the MUFE primer (which I have bought the full bottle before and loved it.) and a thank you note. She's so sweet. :) If only I can actually find her anywhere else besides her blog sale blog, which I found through a tweet from s2pandapple. Hehe, I totally love receiving packages in the mail, minus my bill. :P


3ate4 said...

Lovely colour :)

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