Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NOTD: Despicable Me

I found this on youtube and I definitely had to have these on my nails. Here is my attempt:

This is what I look like at 4AM. I definitely need more sleep lol.

I have finished all my nails now and I just noticed that I did not put any mouths on them haha. FAIL. I shall do that tomorrow. The only problem is that I made the blue part too high that I may not have space for their mouths. Hehe... oh well I love my minions. :)

Here is the video if you guys are interested on trying it out. (I don't have the polishes she used so I compromised with what I have: L.A. Colors in Solar Gold, L.A. Colors in Blue Velvet, L.A. Colors in Black Onyx, and Wet n wild in Never Been Kissed.)


Rachel said...

So cute! =)

princess_chink said...

Terri actually did it LOL...but I told her to only do three fingers because I refuse to let her use a crap load of my OPI HAHA

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