Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Niagara, Bluenotes Haul, and Delicia's Birthday

As I've mentioned in my previous post, me and my family were planning to go to Niagara because it's my parents' wedding anniversary. We did end up going (we left pretty late acutally around 1ish). But we couldn't go to the buffet because it was IN the casino, which my brother and sister were not able to enter because they are not yet 19, obviously. So we ate at Shoeless Joe's instead. Here are just some pictures. There were a lot more taken but I managed to keep it at a minimum.

Look it's a rainbow! :) And yay for SLR camera's shutter speed that caught the bird flying across the rainbow. 

Yay for ugly yellow plastic raincat.
Me and Jasmine.
Fountain in the lobby of Fallsview Casino (I forgot to change shutter speed or turn on flash so sorry if it's dark).

A cool statue in front of the casino entrance.
She really likes veggies!
A HUGE cute panda on display of some toy store in Galeria.
Some Sesame Street inspired chocolate snack on a store window. Aren't they cute?

Today (Monday), I went with Mike to UTM to fix up my tuition deferral problem and ended up going to a plaza nearby called Sheridan Centre. We actually saw (well I heard only) an accident from the other side of the road. Anyway, we went to Bluenotes Outlet Store which is usually the only reasn why we go to that plaza. And boy, they had some sales! My bill came up to $76.02CAD (that's with 13% HST tax!). There were a total of 15 items. 


Here are pictures of what I got (I got Mike a spring jacket, tshirt, and long sleeve plaid shirt also that are not pictured because he has them now. And this also includes some other stuff for Delicia's presents that I didn't take a picture of).


At night, I went to West 50 with Alyssa and Nerissa (who came by to my house so Nerissa can paint her nails) for Delicia's birthday. There was a lack of camera there and I managed to be in one of the pictures fromher bf's camera.


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Nice pics (^_^)


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