Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sleepless Night Rant

I haven't had one of these in a while. I guess I've been overwhelmed at work and I always come home exhausted. I really hate working so hard and getting minimum wage for it. I know there are lots of people in the world who gets paid less than me, wayyyyy less actually. Why is it that the people who do the least work end up being the richest? It is ridiculously unfair and thinking about it really ticks me off. Is there really anything I can do about it? Probably not. Life is life, you take what is given to you and you could either try to see the better side of it or drown in the not so better side. I'm getting too morbid so I shall talk about something else.

It's also my parents' wedding anniversary today. I am such a bad daughter for forgetting. But it kinda made me think of my wedding. Apparently, Belle "called dibs" at being my maid of honour. Haha. I'm honestly such a hopeless romantic. I love weddings actually but I haven't been to one in years! Someone get married soon and I'll help you with planning. I love planning parties minus the stress and the cost lol.

So I might go to Niagara today, that's if we all wake up on time. Either that spinning restaurant or Fallsview Casino Buffet? As long as the food is good, I'll be just fine.

For those wondering why my tuition is at 13000. It is because I am getting backcharged. I only got into the majors that I want (CCIT and Prof. writing) but it just so happens that CCIT programs have a higher tuition fee than other programs in my University. Anyway, since I am basically just entering into the program, I am being charged for last year which I was not (because my GPA sucked!) Some people probably thought of just changing their major during their last year so they would pay less, but guess what? There is no way around the system because they will charge you for the previous years as well. I have sworn enough in person about it (ask Mike) so I shall not do any here. But I am very irritated and pissed off about it. It is causing me to break out too! I kinda wish I went to college intead.... I truly do.

Anyway, I've been so lazy that I have neglected this blog a bit. I'm sorry. I shall try to be less lazy (yeah okay). Starting off with charging my camera . :) It's a start.

Please do blog more. I get so bored because you guys don't give me anything to read. >.< MAKE THEM LONG (teehee) ♥♥.


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