Thursday, October 2, 2008


The weather today was just horrible. It made me not go to my women studies and cct lecture. I hear I didn't much. Hahaha. I actually went to the food court and studied. And YES, I study better in that environment with my iPod on. Yeyeah I'm weird whatever. I was supposed to get a haircut with Rheena but they were full, who would've thought Donato's to be so busy on a Thursday? (I did but Rheena didn't believe me lol). Ohhh well. Ooh I also got prices down for my debut stuff. And I'm sorry that pink is not the in-colour but it cant be THAT hard. Pink ties? Don't even bother going to square one, theyre all overpriced. I say you follow Robert's suggestion of buying one in front of Food Basics at Central Pkwy (Y) lawl.


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