Sunday, October 5, 2008

wisen up!

yes you jaimee.
geez to think by now you would've learned from the past.
wouldnt call it mistakes though...
maybe wrong decisions leading to A LOT of hurt
which SHOULD have been a good smack on the head

with a "WTF where you thinking?"
but nooo
here we are again...
chin up.
look in the mirror.
and say...
youre a fucking dumbass.
it's not like you'll ever change.
not even for yourself huh.

funny question of the day:

customer: "do you have a baby?"
jaimee: yeahh.... *customer looks shocked*
HUH? noo i dont! im 17
*customer looks more shocked*

lol so apparently, i don't look like i work there. too "chic" too "young".
and just because i know a lot about baby stuff, doesnt mean i have a baby. it means i am doing my job well! and i also have a baby SISTER. hmm...


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