Thursday, October 16, 2008

whatever guy

"you dont know how it hurts..."
you really dont. you even admitted how passive and apathetic you are. fine whatever. it's ok with me but you should be careful because you lose a lot of people being like that. you are so dry sometimes.
"i loved you with a fire red now its turning blue..."
& you didnt even apologize. you tell me that's just how you are. WHATEVER. im hanging on your rope you got me 10000000 feet off the ground... but im about to let go. i hope you wouldnt have to say "what if..."
and when i say i 'll be there no matter what i mean it. dont tell me i shouldnt make promises i might not be able to keep because hell this one i will keep. be the fucking biggest asshole to me, i can take it...
i know im weird. i shouldnt put myself to shit like this but some pain is worth it just to have your company... haha gaaaay. no comment.


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