Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday adventure with Mikeyyyy

  • Ikea for breakfast (yummy meatballs)
  • bought extension cord for my plugs
  • Saw PO when about to cash out and HAD to buy him! (picture in the bottom)
  • Subway back (Kiplington haha Mike youre special)
  • Went back to sauga by taking 20 bus and his mom was driving it haha
  • Tried to look for wheels that are missing from the drawer I bought.. but obv out of stock cuz Im always super lucky
  • got curly fries at arbys (fries since sunday so that's why we're on a soup and water diet starting today)
  • crappy umbrella I bought at dollar store for more than 2$ at south common dollar store broke
  • looked for a new umbrella
  • got a black and white polka dot one at H&M and also the Hello Kitty sweater I've wanted since LAST MONTH (stupid sales lady said they're sold out but Mike found me the LAST one and it was MY SIZE :D:D:D)
  • went back to his house because I was going to Sherway with his family
  • went to Mac and bought my very first mac product (Yeah Rheena youre proud of me lol.) MSF Natural in Medium Deep cuz I saw on youtube from bubzbeauty that she used it to contour. Kind of has shimmer in it and kind of bugs me but it's okay :P
  • saw a HEROS BURGER there and obv ate there .... 6oz oh how beastly you are xD
  • THE END.


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