Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sigma Brushes review

My favourite brush in the set. This beats any of the foundation brushes I've purchased by miles (E.L.F., EcoTools). Stippling brushes just has a better and more naturalistic finish (just my opinion).
Like I just mentioned with the 187, I am not a fan of these kinds of foundation brushes. You have to work twice as hard to blend and get rid of the streaks. And the coating is not as even as with the stippling brush.
I use this to contour my cheeks. I don't know if the product I'm using (MAC MSF in Medium Deep) is not dark enough to contour or the brush simply does not pick up product well... It feels very nice on your skin though... so soft :)
This is good for spot concealing but since my scars are not so small, I need a bigger brush to conceal faster. Like this would do the job, but with twice the time. I just use my foundation brushes to conceal instead :P

It's soft and very good to apply colour in your inner corners and eyebrows (like the site says). There's not much difference with my E.L.F. Defining eye brush though.
I LOVE this. Very good to apply your shadows as liner or to set your eyeliner. It's very dense and it is the perfect size. Ecotools has one of these as well which works just as good.
I find myself reaching for this more than my ELF eyeshadow brush. I think it's because it's a bit bigger than the ELF and therefore applies shadow faster.
I love this as well!! It's the perfect size for applying colour in the my crease (I'm asian so there isn't really a crease. lol monolid) It's pretty dense and softer than the ELF contouring brush.
This is a very fluffy brush and it blends my shadows SO well.
This is sooooooo soft. Like I can't even tell you how much. I can keep fluffing my face with it but that would be OCD. :P
I don't really have a gel liner (yet) so I haven't tried this at all.
It's a nice shadow brush but if I had to choose, I'd still choose my ELF eyeshadow brush because it is a dollar and works exactly like this (except ELF is not very consistent with the lengths of their handles...)

Overall, these are good quality brushes which are still a bit pricey, but the quality (apparently) is very similar to MAC (which is like 5 times more expensive.. and also I wouldn't know the comparison very well because I don't own any MAC brushes.)

I'm in search for a good lip brush. Any tips?


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