Saturday, October 10, 2009

My last opi haul for a while:

  • Holy Pink Pagoda (another one of my faves)
  • Melon of Troy
  • Lincoln Park after Dark (not really that special)
  • OPI Ink (Suede version) (dries up in seconds! looks super weird but trippy though)
  • Pink-ing of you (Got a date to knight and heart throb looks like this... lol so i have like 3 light pinks that look pretty much the same in the bottle and on my nails)
  • Tutti Frutti Tonga
  • You Don't Know Jacques (i expected a lot more from this..)
  • Sea I Told You (BEAUTIFUL colour)

I know this is a lot but I got it for a good price though. It was buy one get one half off at Trade Secrets in Sheridan Centre (why it's a diff sale from sq1 I dont know) but Anna told me about it so I was super excited to go! So if you think about it, for example if you buy 6 at sq1 (which is the LCD since you have to buy 3 or more to get the 20% sale at square one), it would be 7.96 + tax. But at sheridan centre, bogo half off basically means 25% off both of them which is 7.46 + tax. Lol whatever I'm just trying to justify my haul and not feel guilty. Ooh also the lady gave me this huge $20 worth of sample of DermaOrganic set of shampoo, conditioner, and leave in mask. I haven't heard of it before and there aren't that many reviews online. I have seen one and she loves it but I've yet to try it. There's this promo if you buy 55 or more you get this. ALSO she gave me 2 free pink hair extensions from cancer charity. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Also, we went around to see what was there. We found Bluenotes and I guess it's an outlet store because their stuff are all old. And the prices were insanely cheap! Like for women, tank tops were 2-5$, tshirts were 4.98, shoes were 2.49$, all pants were 19.98, etc! For mens, plain tshirts were ONE DOLLAR, printed ones were 4.98, pants were also 19.98, etc! CRAAAAZY. I only bought this cute white bunny tshirt and black shoes though. My total came up to 7.99. SOOOO happy :)

PS. I think I'm gonna have CNCOD (current nail colour of the day) posts lawl for fun.
PPS. I know there's a lot of stuff going on now and in the next few weeks, but really guys give me something to read!!! >.<


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