Friday, October 2, 2009

I finally gave in...

and bought the Sigma Brushes 12 pc set ( They are APPARENTLY very similar to mac, even with the names and description BUT WAYYYY cheaper. So the whole set was like less than 90$ with tax and shipping included. One mac brush is usually 30-60? I got it on Monday actually... still waiting... I wouldn't know the difference with mac and this because well i don't own any mac because i refuse to spend THAT much on one brush. (I honestly have never bought anything from mac... sorry rheena :P) and urghhh at me not noticing the kabuki brush (182) is not included... I want a kabuki!!! lol they're so cute. Everyday minerals has one that has good reviews on it... I am pondering of whether I should get it or not... It's only 10$ plus shipping which is less than 5$.

PS. EWW @ next week because of:

  • In class major assignment on tuesday
  • 1000 word visual analysis due wednesday
  • 400 word story for monday
  • i dont even know anymore hahahaha


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