Tuesday, November 10, 2009

adventure timeeee (oakville version)

  • Mike picks me up then bus to sq1 together.
  • Fell asleep on the bus.
  • Wait for the bus going to South Common.
  • Fell asleep again.
  • Major wrongness @ bus time; having major bashing @ the bus when I was the one who was wrong haha... I laughed about it 10 mins after when I finally realized
  • bus finally came
  • fell asleep again
  • got to sheridan
  • he class attendance of my class was epic fail so I decided not to go to tutorial.
  • didnt want to waste $3 on oakville transit so we decided to find the 101 stop. it was supposed to be nearby...
  • turned at the wrong intersection; went back to trafalgar rd.
  • anticipating the 1 bus to point us at the right direction
  • saw that it turned left 3 blocks after -.-
  • we walked for about 45 minutes....
  • we finally found it
  • ate @ mcd's... monopoly game thing is RIGGED :@:@
  • bought napkins (lolol), strawberry flavoured candy canes (my fave), makeup bag (ITS PINK)
  • got on the 101
  • got off to go on the 110
  • fell asleep AGAIN
  • loafted @ sq1 for the longest time
  • bought jasmine her FIRST barbie doll :) she loves it btw... for now lolll
  • went to richtree @ 830 because everything's half priced at that time
  • got 2 different slices of cake for $3ish... (carrot cake and napoleon cake yummm)
  • got free chocolate dipped strawberries from Godiva thanks to Mikey's friend Evan :) [they're AMAZINGLY good btw and SCARILY expensive]
  • gave into the thing that turns your nail polish matte... thanks Anna... 20 bucks.. ughhh haha. oh well.
  • went homeeee finally (and no i didnt fall asleep on that bus ride home :D)
  • the end!


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