Sunday, November 22, 2009


Since I've been soooo lazy to blog...
  • Monday: had a project due and Mike came with me to Sheridan then we went to maki maki to eat.
  • Tuesday: nothing interesting really..
  • Wednesday: dropped art history paper then went right back home; mike dropped by for literally 5 mins...
  • Thursday: another project was due; NEW MOON pre-screening with the girlies :) (adventure/review coming up)
  • Friday:original plan was downtown with Mike but he decided to not go to school and treat me out? Lol mandarins then sq1. He bought me UP. I got my bday dress, a new purse (for school), a ring that says LOVE with two finger holes (its sooo awesome!), mac fix+, mac brush cleaner.... yeppp :)


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