Saturday, November 7, 2009

friday adventure version 2 with mikeyyy

  • went to his school with him
  • watched push while he was in class
  • went to eaton's centre to find perfect bday dress
  • failed
  • ate at sbarro's
  • lady fucking ripped us off
  • mike took a dipping sauce HA bitch thats what u get
  • went back
  • bought churros and hot chocolate at random cafe in islington station
  • bus 20 was pain in the ass and came late
  • went to sq1
  • bought my bday shoes (I LOVEEEEE THEM AHH)
  • stared at nars blush pondering whether i should buy them haha
  • and ended up not doing so
  • he dropped me off at home
  • the end


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