Sunday, November 29, 2009

i HATEEEEEE being ripped off!
honestly, i havent been using my credit card AT ALL except thursday for harveys at sheridan.
and OF COURSE they would overcharge me by 60$ more.
all i bought was 2 burgers for $5, a poutine (around 4 bucks), and a small drink (1.5) + tax DOES NOT come up to 70 fucking dollars.
If I don't get my money back, I'm gonna fucking make that guy who made the mistake to pay me back. I would make him feel so bad about himself. Like buddy, do you know numbers at all? Do you have ENOUGH knowledge to press buttons? Is it TOO hard for you? THEN FUCKING QUIT LIFE! ughhh If he denies it, I am gonna sue him for being stupid! How did he even get into college? Ha maybe he's in some useless program like tree counting. Wait he'd fail that because clearly he's a DUMBASS when it comes to numbers.
I don't care how mean that is right now but if that were to happen to you I'm sure you'd kick this guy in the face so hard he'll fly to Pluto. Then he'd be like "Cooool." At least there he can't mess up!
Like 70 dollars is like approximately 7 hours of torture at work. I did not work all those hours just for it to go to waste. FUCK YOUUUU GUY! :@:@:@ :(
Seriously though, this rant is still not helping my anger go away. I need to punch this guy in the face! Then smack him in the head and hear an echo cuz he has no brains. Or his balls if he even has one if not I'm still kicking him there.


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