Friday, April 23, 2010


Madonna is back.
I think she only used Glee so that her CD sales will get better. Nope... didn't work on me. I still wouldn't get her new album out or download it (hehe).
I like Madonna but I'm just saying... did she really have to make a separate CD for that Madonna episode? I guess so she can get her share because it is her music.

You guys remember how my iPod reset itself and decided to sync to my laptop? Yeah so the other songs I had on it from my family computer before it was virused are gone. There were too many to remember but I'm slowly getting them back. For example: Lily Allen's Alright Still album and her awesome covers. Then that led me to Cheryl Cole. Their feud is kinda funny although I'm probably uber late to comment on that. I still love Lily though no matter how crazy she can get. At least she's honest. You can't blame a girl for having opinions.


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