Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time well spent

Spontaneous chillages are always the best. Kristine dropped by while I was working to tell me if I wanted to go downtown with her and Chelle and Belle. I didn't know at the time that Vivien was coming too so I was happy to see her too and Claid + Mike LOL. Apparently Chelle wanted to see where she works now, which I'd rather keep private so y'all strangers can't stalk my lovely. Then, her and Tine ended up going by theirselves and the rest of us went ahead to Yonge St. to window shop. You know how much it sucks to go downtown with NO money to spend. We got hungry and wanted to eat. Our first choice was Jack Astor's but the lineup was too long so we went to Pickle Barrel instead.

On an unrelated hand, I HATE how girls would dress up so fancy (aka. SLUTTY) for a restaurant. lol we (me and them) concluded that they cannot afford to eat at restaurants like Milestone's for funsies and only go for a celebration or a party so they dress up... kinda sad. Wow that sounds bitchy but I think if you're gonna dress up, ACTUALLY have clothes on... just saying.

Back on topic, I ordered a Mango Smoothie and a Lemon Something something Shish Kebob. It came with greek salad, rice, and garlic bread. Shooot that was some good stuff. Very satisfying. :) "Wow Jaimee you're still eating..."

And Bella kept going off with her SLR with FLASH. Blind us much? I threatened to stab a bread knife through her lens and she somehow managed to capture that moment in picture. OBV profile picture haha. She took way too many pictures. I wonder how she's gonna upload them all.

Anyway, this was put off for too long. I really needed a night out with my girlies and the boy. Mike gets along with them and I'm happy about that.

PS. "I have to burppppppppp!" >.<


mirachelle said...

haha that was priceless.

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