Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sparkly Tropical

It's usually around this time I get super bored (2AM).
So I do whatever I think of to pass the time because I cannot sleep like always...
My hands are super sparkly due to this haha I love it :)

Anyway, I had a pink smokey eye at work and then I tried to try Panacea (from YT)'s tutorial for Ke$ha's makeup. I used the Annabelle Smoothliner in Black because I didn't wanna waste my Mac blacktrack. Then some L.A. colors loose eyeshadow in black pearl (a glittery black) on top and to blend. The black, grudge look does not look very good on me... Although the glitters in the black was super pretty! So I dabbed on some L.A. colors glitters (fairy dust then honeysuckle). It turned to a grayish sparkly eye. Still blahh so I put on some UD Midnight Cowboy Rides again and that gave it some warmth. Then I decided to pull up my 120 Palette and put on some green, turquoise blue, and some yellow (only it didn't really show up. But it's there in the crease I swear!) I used L'oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara. I have MAC Pink Nouveau and MAC Totally It Lipglass on my lips. It kinda faded away because I was doing some recording and did not touch up. For my face, I have Maybelline Dream Liquid Foundation and ELF Mineral Booster with MAC Vintage Grape Blush and NYC Bronzer for contouring.

Here's the closeup:

PS. Sorry I was too lazy to list lol.

PPS. Here are my nails lately. Clearly my cuticles are dry haha! I blame work!!

PPPS. Here's the camera I thiefed from my Kuya xD.


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