Friday, August 8, 2008

Let's start blogging again!

So I've decided to blog again. I haven't written an entry anywhere since around April 2006 so here goes...

  • I've learned that only the truest of friends will be there at the hardest of times.

  • Working in fast food gives you wrinkles.

  • Working in retail is not as easy as it looks.

  • Having a baby sister at the age of 16 is truly a blessing.

  • People are so judgmental. Just cuz I'm carrying a baby, doesn't mean she's mine.

  • Chemistry is so not for me.

  • Physics is actually easier than Chemistry!

  • Philosophy screws over your head. It's a good thing though knowing that you still have your own opinions on life.

  • Prom makes you broke.

  • Having a prom date is unnecessary. You can go to prom without one and still have the greatest time of your life.

  • Graduation gets people so damn jealous at the smart kids. It's not their fault you never tried in school buddy!

  • Having your own laptop changes your bedtime to 3 am.

  • Photoshop may be the greatest invention of time.

  • Facebook is addicting.

  • Myspace... say what?

  • Do not put a queen size bed in the smallest room of the house.

  • Do not drink with an empty stomach.

  • Debuts are typical and the only thing that everyone waits for is the after party.

  • Expect a prank from the troublemakers of the school. A tree in the middle of the soccer field ftw!

  • White dresses are so damn hard to find!

  • Harry Potter was not given justice in 7 books.

  • Twilight is close to a replacement for HP, but HP is still forever the greatest series ever created.

  • I really need to get my G1.

  • University tuitions are wayyyyyyyyyy overpriced.

  • University life? I'll get back to you on that :)

That's pretty much what's happened lately. Nothing big I don't think.

Life is a blur...


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