Thursday, August 14, 2008

Because I can...

K so let me tell you midnight conversations are the best. I've had talks on milk that somehow went into really disgusting food that some people eat, one on whether it's better to die from crucio or avada kedavra, one on why Edward Cullen is mine, one on why the world is lucky only one of me exists, and other extremely random ones.

So about the whole milk thing, my friend Damon brought it up because I couldn't sleep and he told me to drink milk and he asks why we drink it. Humans are the only creatures that drink milk from another specie. Every other animal only drinks from its mother. So why do we suck a cow dry of its milk? Well my answer was because it's kind of looked down upon to be drinking your mother's milk as an adult, if your mother even has any milk left. :/ Also we need it for calcium, which we can actually get from a pill though right? And that topic somehow got into people eating people or animal brains and what not. It kinda relates with the whole milk is actually body liquid.. brains being body part? Haha i don't know! But I guess the answer to why we kill animals for food is simply because we can...

So if you don't know Harry Potter at all, you might as well skip this whole paragraph mmk? I'm actually undecided on which is a better way to die. If it was crucio, you'll be in exruciating pain for a really long time. But you still have a chance to fight it. And well if you don't die from that pain, when the curse is lifted off, there's a very high chance that you are going to be insane. With avada kedavra, it's one curse and you're done for. Just like that, so no pain. Who wants a painful death anyway right?

Reasons why Edward Cullen is mine:

  1. Bella can not win in a fight with these guns of mine.
  2. He's 17, I'm 17. Bella sorry hun but older women dating younger guys? (yes i know he's not really 17 but i dont give a flying fart!)
  3. Who's saying he's not huh?!?!

Reasons why it's good to have just one of me:
  1. The world does not need two clutzes that can blow up the world if ever put near an atomic bomb trigger.
  2. Hearing me talk is enough. Hearing two of me argue... uhh good luck with that buddy.
  3. WW3 will start. And it started because neither one of us will give up Daniel Radcliffe to the other.

So... this is totally pointless.

And ooh I watched Pineapple Express with CJ and Damon. Funniest crap ever. Plot was horrible though but who cares, it made me laugh. I got 2 free tix for AMC and we got free popcorn too cuz they knew the guy working. "Hey Jaimee it's Jamie." "Wtf?... ohhh!" Hahahaha. So that movie is just another reminder on why nobody should smoke pot. It gets you in all kinds of trouble that could have been avoided if you were being responsible. I hate talking or even stand beside somebody high. Gahh!

Ps. Like Rheena, I BADLY need a haircut. Well I need it more than her. It is toooooo long blah! x.x


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