Monday, August 25, 2008

live out loud!

Oh sigh... my vacation week is actually over. And the first day off vacation, I get called in to work. Greaat. It was such a horrible day. Time flew by though so I guess it's okay. But all that running around and stupid questions from customers is WAY too much for one day. Wait til tuesday, I have work from 6pm to 3am. Hurray? I wish I had a job I actually like, but the thing I need is a university degree. Life can suck sometimes eh... But I think some people mope too long on a bad experience and not enough on a good one. And they end up thinking their life is worse than it actually is. We just all need to stop and think on how much worse other people's situations are. Most of us can just get over it and move on, but others are unfortunately born into that situation and is close to impossible to get out.

Hmm so what did I do in my vacation week? Nothing so different from what I've been doing this whole summer: babysit and work. At least I got to go to Buffalo, NY and Hamilton for a bit. Pretty much the most boring summer ever. And it's almost over. I've wasted an entire summer on absolute nothingness... woohoo! *rolls eyes* Well 14 days until school starts! I'm really excited!!! :)


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