Thursday, August 6, 2009

colours yayyy and etc

  • Not yet lol. I bought the manly 120 eyeshadow palette on ebay a couple of days ago and as usual, I am bein impatient. Come to me already!!! >.< (Yes a hundred and twenty colours :O!)
  • I love Annabelle eyeliners. They glide on so easily and yeahhh <3>
  • I just bought the Covergirl Lash Blast Waterproof mascara because my maybelline volume express is dried up. Don't get me wrong but I liked the volume express except for the fact it dries up so fast! (No matter how tight i I recap it...) All the maybelline mascaras I've tried haven't disappointed me yet anyway (except the infamous Great Lash one hahaha I actually thought this was good way back when... uhh Grade 9! hahaha). So I'm hoping CG will agree with me :)
  • Burt's Bees lipbalm makes my lips so nice and soft, but I got the Honey one thinking it would smell AWESOME. However, the smell is not the best smell.... BLAH.
  • One of the ONLY reasons I like cleaning my room is reminiscing through useless stuff that should be in the garbage but I refuse to get rid of them hehe. I actually found my nivea pearl and shine lip balm which has the nicest shine and colour to it. I would actually put on the ELF gloss in Malt Shake and that has the nicest result ahhh! love love love <3>
  • I am planning to completely redecorate my room. Ikea actually has a program that lets you design your room online. Here's my plan :
    Yes I crappily drew that desk in myself because it is one of the things on there that I already own and not from Ikea. I pretty much just need that bed frame and the two wall shelves. Also I plan to buy/make a rolling rack to organize my clothes (and they look awesome too), a chest of drawers, a cute lamp, and a small bookcase! That's a good 400-500 dollars right there.. that's awesome! Maybe I should consider getting new curtains too because what I have right now is boring shades blehhh! I also wanna repaint my room but I doubt my parents would let me because of my asthma... I never get what I want do I... :( sad sad sad
  • I am actually folding clothes right now, and it's 2:06am lololol. I love me... *not* ;)
  • I am such a bad girlfriend because I kind of made Mike sleep on his tiny couch so I can watch him (not freaky at all) But this is only because he's going to be sleeping for 3 hours only anyway (12-3am) because he has to wake up at 3 apparently... lol I'm sorry... He's not feeling well at all either... haha bad Jaimee!
  • I think I'm allergic to Mica or some ingredient they use in Mineral makeup but I don't really want to try and find out. Also Rimmel and Covergirl face products... Not completely sure about maybelline yet... Revlon is actually nice to me :) (But they are the more expensive drugstore brand whyyyyy!)
  • Where can I find Monistat Chafing Gel? No I don't need it for the purpose it is made for. I heard that it's a really good face primer since it has pretty much the exact ingredients as any high end brand primers. I know they have it for sure at and But yeah... i don't know why I don't buy it there now lol. I'm difficult I know...
  • I should really finish folding these clothes lolol...
  • BYE! <3 ~


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