Saturday, August 22, 2009


I used to always pass by and suffocate from the heavy smell from the store but I finally went in the store with Mike and we found the coolest and the weirdest stuff there. My goal was to get the Porridge soap because I've read from Connie that it is amazing! And ahhh I wanted to get home asap so i can try it. Haha and for those of y'all that do know me well, I would take a shower once a day before I leave the house, and usually I'm too lazy. But now, I would take random showers just to use this soap (even though I just bought it like today.. well yesterday officially.. i ought to stop blogging at 3 in the morning so it's not so awkward lol). Anyway, the soap is super lather-y (is that a word? lol), which means a lot of product is used per shower therefore i need to get more (this is how i think when it comes to buying stuff haha :D aka a "reason" to buy more). I was so tempted to get the Rockstar one because it was PINK and it smelled YUMMY. I actually got a sample of Godmother which I want to eat! (I wonder if Mike ate a piece of his hahahaha... ?) Porridge feels soooo nice. It actually has real oats in it that gently exfoliates your skin. My skin's sensitive and prone to breakouts so I didn't want to use something with a heavy scent just yet. I use this soap for my face too and then I put my St.Ives moisturizer on top. It feels so soft ahhh! Anyway here are some of the other stuff from there that I want to try:

hair: Big Shampoo, Cynthia Sylvia Shampoo (I heard from tiffany d from youtube that it is the best shampoo when you mix the two together), American Cream conditioner

body soaps: rockstar, honey i washed the kids, demon in the dark, banana moon

bath bombs: butterball, sex bomb, sakura

bubble bars (these make bubbles when you crumble it then put your hands under water!): two timing tart, creamy candy

body butter: buffy

massage bars: therapy

dusting powder (omg they have these!!!): silky underwear, candy fluff

lol that's it for now... :)

Check all of their products on their online shop. Shipping kills ya though so just get it at your nearest store. Square one has one beside H&M for those of you who didn't notice that strong smell near there haha. It's hard to miss I promise. Follow your nose ;)


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