Friday, August 7, 2009

it's here!

The 120 eyeshadow palette I bought from eBay finally got here. When I opened it, the very middle green one was rubbing off on the plastic cover but that was no biggie. But when I separated the two palettes, the third blue on the top right and the second one in the bottom left (flesh colour) were completely depotted into ashes :( Also a bit of the matte black (2nd on top right) too. Anyway I love the colours and I probably won't use all of them until who knows when? Haha. They are VERY pigmented and overall I'm glad I bought it. Mike always has to remind me to not buy any more eyeshadows because I have this palette already.. but really a girl can never have too many right? :D (Same goes with brushes lol... I still want that Sigma brushes set... GAH I'm broke FML).


chantee-chan said...

so colourful!! @_____@
my sephora palette is so puny compared to that XD

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