Wednesday, April 20, 2011

freshMinerals starter set

Sears is currently selling a bunch of makeup for really good prices. For example, I got the Revlon Colorstay Liner for $8 and the L'oreal true match foundation for $11, both plus my discount. Anyway, I was working the other day and had to look for a glue gun because one of the pins on the dresses we sell fell apart and needed to be glued back to the pin part. Anyway, my first instinct was to ask the tailor upstairs and she didn't have any. I was walking back to the escalator and saw a bunch of these:
Regular price is $37.50 and was marked down to $7.50 (+my discount). I hesitated for a bit because I obv don't need any more makeup/brushes, but this was so hard to pass. I thought if the makeup wasn't all that good, I still get three brushes! I really started to use it now and can't review it all that well yet. But one of the e/s is gorg!! I recommend you get it now before it runs out. There was about 20 left on that shelf (which was weirdly located in the wrong department: in between purses and scarves... wtf). I don't know if they'd have this in Sears in the US. And I never really heard of this brand before. I do remember seeing it in its own fixture once upon a time but I guess Sears is starting to not sell them anymore.


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