Sunday, April 24, 2011

Katy Perry Purr

I was working today (well yesterday now since it's 4AM) and I was flipping through our flyer and the back had the advertisement for the release of Katy Perry's Perfume called Purr. I have a thing for Katy Perry and I think she is an awesome and beautiful person and a really great artist so I definitely had to check it out. I went up to the fragrance department and saw it there. The bottle is SO CUTE! The perfume however, isn't my cup of tea. I like fruity and sweet scents but I find this a bit too fruity and sweet. I like it but not enough to buy it. My coworker sprayed some on her wrists and she likes it even better after a while. For me, the after smell was a total no-no. It smelled too much like an adult and I was not fond of it at all. For those wondering, my kind of scents are Harajuku Lovers (original ones especially Love and Baby, Love from the summer collection, and also the new mermaid one that came out), Victoria's Secret Heavenly, VS Bombshell, and Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue (which I've been lemming for forever but it's sooo expensive!). If I could have any of these perfumes in the Purr bottle, I'd be jumping up and down. Haha maybe not, but I'd be super happy. :)


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