Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adventures of BCJ (hey look its alphabetical!)

Today was better than most days I guess. My two favourite twins came to visit me. Belle called and came in "15 minutes... no half an hour... 15 minutes!" Lol k so they came 20 minutes after we hung up because they actually went to Rabba (one of the only stores open because it's Labor Day) and there was a line up just to buy a bottle of Sprite. Haha! We decided to drive to Mcdee's. We got there and a bunch of 8ers were there and I've never felt soooo old. :/ It was kind of scary but I blend in well with my height! =] But yeah the only thing I really eat from there is their snack wrap and fries. On our drive home we wanted to see Jan but she wasn't picking up. We had a map and figured we'll find it. We gave up after almost getting lost. Bahahaha. We went back to my house to eat. And for some odd reason I tend to spill my drinks especially when they're there. So weird. Last time the bottle exploded this time I was just reaching for my cup and it fell. It's not my fault I'm clumsy I swear!! >.< So after cleaning all that sticky mess (yes it was very sticky because I'm smart enough to step on it... again.), we argued on what we should do. Chelle voted Golden Compass, Belle wasn't so excited about that though. After 10 minutes of the movie, I kind of got bored and so we stopped the movie and played the Wii instead. So the Wii wheel for Mario Kart is impossible to use! "Why are we always last place?" "IM FIRST IM FIRST IM FIRST" Hahaha. Ily guys.

PS. Kristine sucks for "folding". Hehe I'm joking mannn! ♥


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