Thursday, September 25, 2008

this is me reading...

well since im so darn insomniatic, i attempt to read what i'm supposed to read.
but yuuuup you guessed it, i'm not.
oh random thing. i love phone calls in the middle of the night <3 lol and i am so not a phone person. yeahhh i'm weird.
haha so there was this lady in school today. she tied herself up to a pole and stood there to give out free hugs. and lorie waited for her to tie herself then give her a hug. HAHA (see i mentioned you lorie.) oh geez wednesday is like the day i get all my stress out by laughing; with the assitance of le charlie et le "lohrie" <- (pathetic attempt at french accent). these two girls can make a tree laugh. seriously. imagine me.

i was running on pizza and booster juice all day and maaaaan. i was actually okay. kinda hungry but like not grumbling-stomach hungry. and it is decided that my anthro prof looks like al pacino; NOT sylvester stallone or whatever that guy's name is from america's sweethearst with the small penis. LMFAO.
art history's as boring as it always is. she needs to like have a drink before class or something. so she's not like barely hear-able. (is that even a word?)

im gonna go back to my reading now... (or try to.) "later days!" (OH EM GEE the weekenders! <3)
ps. i HATE spiders. dont wanna kill them but dont wanna see them... EVER.


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