Monday, September 1, 2008

Mmm tacos

So random conversation with Jaesel. The topic was Chantelle's present then it somehow got into tacos. It's kind of an inside joke so you really might think it's stupid. My mom always makes tacos for my birthday party. Like ALWAYS (except last year cuz we went to Boston Pizza instead but still...). It just made me remember of all the good times and memories. Here's some of them:

  • The Others scaring the CRAP out of nerissa.
  • Me and Jaesel scaring the CRAP out of nerissa during the movie which led to a permanent taco stain at my old house.
  • Don't take the ****ing wrong turn! Geez that actually did scare me. I am never going on an unplanned roadtrip.
  • Cake fight!!!
  • "Breakfast time!" What was the name of that movie again?
  • Jaesel coming very late; as in everyone left late haha! Then taking a picture of her with clown hair. I wonder where that picture is. >.<
  • David being a complete perv on my couch. Ha that sounds SO wrong. It's nothing dirty I swear. You had to be there to know what I'm not lying.
  • Lol the cherry with Rio!
  • Nik ft. Nerissa and Jaimee in the bathrooom -> This is actually his dream.

There's many many more! I just have a really bad memory. If you can remember any let me know. Ahh my birthday this year is gonna be SICK. Jaesel please don't forget the tacos :P Hehe.

PS. I still don't have my books. AHH! Panic attack x_x. Exactly 7 more days. Oh dear oh dear...


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