Thursday, September 25, 2008

hot dayummm

so im in this room called the study room waiting for my class to start which is at 2. im such a loner guy. am i really that fugly? geez :P
i really wanna go home now. like im learning more at home. since im on my laptop and i just go on msn or fb instaed of paying attention to my prof. and at home i actually read (sometimes) and i get more out of that. AHHH. but oh well i guess i'll just go so i dont have to be home.
things i still need to do:

  • print out invitation
  • finalize the guest list
  • pay for the centerpieces & etc.
  • find out how i can pay for my tuition since my lame brother is useless
  • go to the gym... seriously!
  • catch up on my @#%^ing readings
  • go to ROM
  • start on CCT assignment due on oct something.
  • sleep more


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