Wednesday, September 10, 2008

an improvement... kind of.

My friend Jackie eventually showed up in that class so I wasnt lonely anymore! =] But um.. fine arts history? i know NOTHING about art history. I kinda have to be in it though cuz it's a prereq for VCC specialist. >.< I don't see why though but whatevz. It's not my fault my artistic eye is blind. LOL.

I'm FREAKIN exhausted. I woke up bright and early (at 8.. that's early for me considering my class was at 12) so I can pick up my OSAP documents. But I have to do the same thing tomorrow because my LAME brother told me I didn't need my bank info and it turned out i did and his excuse was 'I forgot.' Perfect! Thanks for wasting my time bro! My classes are actually very interesting. Good news: I haven't fallen asleep yet! :O Shocking I know! I almost did though in the first half hour of Psych. I was at school for about 7 hours by then so that's why. It's not because I'm a lazy bum.. k maybe I am but still. My prof just kinda kept talking about really unnecessary stuff like what his Masters are and etc. I hate how the first day of class always start with the profs putting up a presentation explaining everything that could be found on the syllabus that is online. We can read that in our own time thanks. At least my anthro prof is reasonable. We started right away! I like i like. My anthro prof kinda looks like Robert De Niro too. Haha.

So another cct class in that big ass auditorium for an hour where I don't know anybody. It's really not so fun to be in that class.

On a happier note, my best best best friend Nerissa (loser) has Women Studies with me. Yes we have A CLASS together. Better than nothing. =D Since she DITCHED me yesterday. Had me waiting in front of the libary for so damn long so she owed me BIG TIME. So she stayed til 8 today for me! :) Her class ended at 4. Lol I love her so much man.


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