Monday, September 8, 2008

my first day... AGAIN

So going through the feeling of knowing nobody and being in a different atmosphere AGAIN is totally heartbreaking. Like yeah I'm not the only one, but seeing a lot of people that knows someone else is kind of annoying to see. It's not like I absolutely don't know anyone. I do. A lot of "Caboteers" and "others" are actually at UTM, but most of them are in either Life Sciences or Commerce. I am the ONLY one in CCIT. Yeahyeahyeah I'll meet new people and make new friends in the near future (I hope.). But for now, I guess I'm gonna have to be strong and don't let this get to me too much. "Just believe... things can only get better."

I realized how much I really dislike crowds. I feel so suffocated and paranoid! I guess I just got used to Cabot being so small, where you know everyone by first AND last name. I miss high school. The freedom in university is better though. I didn't actually sleep in class! Well I had one class from 4 to 5 which was Anthropology. As long as the topics stay interesting, I should be okay. I knew ONE person out of what... 200-300? I didn't even know he was in my class until he came to wait to get in class. Oh geez, all I'm asking for is ONE familiar face and I'm good. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let my other classes have at least one person. I'm gonna keep both fingers crossed and until then, I'm just gonna keep waiting aimlessly...


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