Thursday, September 18, 2008

true friends?

Add a little distance and all of a sudden it's like you dont even have time to say hi. I ask how school is you never seem to answer... Well I give up. So the next time you "feel like" telling me, I don't care anymore k? I ask for one day to celebrate my birthday with you but you can't even give that. I've planned this since God knows when. Thanks for not being there. Oh and the next time you have an excuse for not making it to my birthday, make sure you keep your reason STRAIGHT. Dont tell another reason to someone else cuz I will find out especially she's one of my closest friends you idiot. But then again, there wont be a next time for you my friend... or I thought you were for a long time.

It just bothers me that I can't even have a day in your life anymore. I'm not being a drama queen I understand I guess if ever you are telling the truth. But buddy, "dont you ever for a second think you're irreplaceable." Believe me, I'll have one hell of a good time; not for you but for myself!


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