Monday, January 4, 2010

MAC, Urban Decay, Revlon Swatches

Don't y'all love the holidays? December's my favourite and least favourite month of the year. I love it because it's my birthday month and I get twice the presents (usually) because of Christmas/New Year. But it is also the dreadful exam week(s). Too bad it went by fasssssssssssst but I'm not really complaining... Anyway here are some stuff I got that are worth blogging. Everything was a present except the 3 lippies. ♥ Enjoy the swatches and ignore the dryness of my lips (duhh it's winter here in Canada!!) and my blurring photograph skills. And LOL @ some having cotton residue due to the constant wiping of tissue to swatch. :) Oh and they're all clickable and are HUGE images when you do.

Here are my lips with only Aquafina chapstick (HG product for me btw) just for reference:

Urban Decay Show Pony Shadow Box Palette

(top: Snatch, Mildew, Flash; bottom: Painkiller, Smog, Toasted)



MAC 5 Frisky Business Bright Mini Lipglass/Lustreglass Set

2 Lustreglasses (Wonderstruck and Pinkarat):

2 Lipglasses (Totally It, Silly Girl, Beaute):

(the flash is actually the one in the bottom and vice versa xD)

OMG. My first 2 MAC lippies :O

Revlon 002 Pink Pout
Sort of a MAC Snob dupe. I took a picture of half Snob and the other half Pink Pout but I think I ended up deleting it because I thought I took the same picture twice shoot... xD My bad. I also ended up forgetting to take a picture of the Pink Pout itself haha..

This colour caught my eye while waiting for Mike to finish work... This is just one swipe and it is VERY buildable for those who want really purple lips?

Revlon 066 Berry Haute

That is that. I would review each one of them but I would be super repetitive with the "I LOVE THIS" comment. :)


Anna said...

oooh nice lipgloss lol! i wanna buy it toooooooo but i really shouldn't. oh well

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